Argent and the case for Account Abstraction

What is Account Abstraction, and why will it be game-changing for crypto adoption? Account Abstraction brings about major improvements to the overall user experience, and expands the application design space for developers. We’re proud to be the only zkEVM solution to offer it natively on our platform today, making a long-time dream a reality. “Account … Read more

Welcome Steve Newcomb, Matter Lab’s Chief Product Officer

Today we’re announcing that Steve Newcomb is joining Matter Labs as our new Chief Product Officer after co-founding, leading, and scaling four successful companies. Steve will play a critical role in our mission to accelerate the mass adoption of crypto for personal sovereignty. As a founder of mission-driven startups, Steve has created technology used by … Read more

100 Days to Mainnet

We are proud to announce zkSync 2.0 will be launching to Mainnet in 100 days, and unveil our public roadmap. We are very proud to announce zkSync 2.0 will be launching to Mainnet in 100 days. Launching the first EVM compatible zkRollup into production will be a huge accomplishment, and we want to thank our … Read more

zkSync 2.0: Public Testnet is Live!

zkEVM has arrived, the first EVM-compatible ZK Rollup on Ethereum’s testnet. Last May, we laid out our vision for zkSync’s zkEVM, a permissionless, Turing-complete ZK Rollup that would allow developers to build and deploy decentralized applications in a low-fee, highly scalable layer-2 environment using Ethereum’s native programming language, Solidity. This system would avoid reliance on … Read more

On Managing Secure Upgradability

How our security systems are prepared to protect in a constantly evolving protocol At this stage of early growth, zkSync is a rapidly evolving protocol, which requires the zkSync protocol to remain upgradable. If we were to give up upgradability, it would require all users and developers to withdraw and deposit to migrate into the … Read more

Security Council 2.0

An updated approach to navigating the balance between security and upgradability Matter Labs Nov 12 · 2 min read In May, we announced our 3-Factor Approach to security, which included the creation of a security council that could shorten our 4-week upgrade timelock to 3 days in cases of critical bugs. After an internal reassessment, … Read more