zkPorter: a breakthrough in L2 scaling

Ending the debate between ZK and optimistic rollups Matter Labs Apr 13 · 6 min read A mass migration to Layer 2 is about to take place. As protocols move from the Ethereum base layer to optimistic rollups and EVM-compatible zkRollups, many hope we’ll finally make on-chain fees manageable. But everyone working on Ethereum scaling … Read more

On the Road to StarkNet: A Permissionless STARK-Powered L2 ZK-Rollup

StarkWare Jan 26 · 6 min read Enjoy the security and feel of Ethereum with the scale of a ZK-Rollup TL;DR We’re building StarkNet in four steps: Step 0 — Foundations (completed*) Step I — Planets: Single-App Rollups Step II — Constellations: Multi-App Rollups Step III — Universe: A Decentralized Rollup We expect to have … Read more

DeFi Pooling

Bringing Scalability to Existing L1 Projects StarkWare Jan 24 · 5 min read TL;DR DeFi’s original values were about financial inclusion and open access. As gas price rises, DeFi is turning into a whale game. L1 Pools (such as Vaults in YFI) effectively scale DeFi, as they are cheaper and simpler. Nevertheless, joining, leaving, and … Read more