Yearn launches its first Ethereum layer-2 service on Arbitrum

Yearn, the seventh-largest DeFi application on Ethereum by Total Value Locked (TVL), has launched its service on the Arbitrum Ethereum Layer-2 network. Four months ago, Yearn took its first steps outside of the Ethereum base chain when Yearn added support for the Fantom Layer-1 blockchain. By a tweet from Yearn’s Twitter account, the veteran DeFi … Read more

These factors can bring stability for Yearn.Finance, going forward

Yearn.Finance is rising rapidly as it aims to recover the losses experienced over the month of December. In fact, its climb was so strong, it left behind some major altcoins. Yearn.Finance ahead of Ethereum and Solana YFI seems to be gaining prominence as it rose by over 43.46% in the last 72 hours, and is … Read more

Yearn.Finance Integrates Origin Dollar

Origin is extremely excited to announce that Yearn.Finance has launched a vault integrating the Origin Dollar (OUSD) pool on Curve. Users can now deposit OUSD-3Crv LP tokens into the Yearn vault and automatically receive proceeds from Convex, Curve, and Origin’s liquidity mining campaign. Yearn is one of the largest aggregators and platforms in DeFi. OUSD … Read more

Yearn Vaults Now On Enzyme Finance

Marina De Mattos Jul 5 · 3 min read Yearn Vaults Now On Enzyme Finance We are pleased to announce that as of today Yearn Vaults are available on Enzyme Finance. This gives Portfolio Managers within the Enzyme App new opportunities to open up yield farming strategies specifically designed to their needs. What are Yearn … Read more

Ethereum, MATIC, YFI Price Analysis : 09 June

While Bitcoin has been losing market dominance every week, Ethereum has been capitalizing on it, increasing its market share to a solid 18.9%. This week, Polygon (MATIC) was in the news regarding its upcoming project Aavegotchi which combines NFTs, DeFi, and DAOs. Sharing the spotlight was ( YFI ) as its developer talked about … Read more