The how and why of Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP sharing a common bullish narrative

The collective cryptocurrency market is at a critical junction. With major altcoins stagnating on the charts, Bitcoin could have reached a local top for the time being as well. However, the total market cap value was at an interesting stage. Source: Trading View As illustrated in the chart above, the total market cap of digital … Read more

Here’s what these XRP holders want to do ‘because Ripple’s not going to do it’

The SEC v. Ripple Labs lawsuit is now into the final quarter of 2021, despite rumors of a settlement. In fact, at the moment, the proceedings are far from complete, with both parties raising motion after motion. Just recently, on 29 September, the SEC requested a telephone conference in order to obtain a protective order. … Read more

Is there any ‘logic’ behind the SEC going after Ripple and not Ethereum

For years, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the crypto-community have been at odds over the issue of “regulatory clarity.” To many, the ongoing SEC v. Ripple Labs lawsuit has exposed the incoherence of the SEC’s concept of “clarity.” Meanwhile, Coinbase, one of the world’s largest crypto-exchanges, might also suffer a similar fate … Read more

Is Stellar Lumens here to stay or will it fade in the shadow of Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP

Stellar Lumens began with a promise, however, it’s being forgotten. Founded by Jed McCaleb, the man who also found Ripple Labs, Stellar Lumens failed to become as strong a contender as Ripple. Why is Stellar Lumens lagging? In today’s time, scalability is an important factor that drives not only the network but also the performance … Read more

Bitcoin vs. Ethereum: Which crypto leads the investment products race

The month of August has, by and large, aided the recovery of most of the market’s top cryptocurrencies. The 30-day returns for Bitcoin and Ethereum, for instance, reflected positive values, 22.35% and 35.95% respectively, at the time of writing. Given the high risk associated with HODLing these crypto assets directly, institutional investors have been on … Read more

XRP, Litecoin, Chainlink: Which alt is more likely to outperform the others

For the first time in three months, Bitcoin’s valuation crossed the $50k threshold on Sunday. Past precedents, to a fair extent, suggest the correlation of price movements and Bitcoin’s influence on other coins. For instance, almost all the coins hit their highs in the April-May period, and then stepped into the correction phase in conjunction. … Read more

Here’s why this ‘won’t impact Bitcoin, Ethereum’ and other cryptos directly

As regulators around the world wake up to the crypto mania, an increasing number of entities associated with the space are facing hindrances to their businesses. Along with China’s complete crackdown, top exchanges around the world are facing bans while authorities in the U.S. are targeting different protocols and financial institutions. The Federal Reserve Bank … Read more

‘Owners of XRP and Ethereum are the most educated’

Trend cycles never remain constant. They keep evolving and get refined with time. As far as the crypto market is concerned, several narratives like “buy the dip” and “HODL” have translated themselves into cyclic trends and have garnered mass traction of late.  A recent Bank of International Settlements (BIS) paper identified several emerging trends exhibited … Read more

XRP lawsuit: Why SEC’s latest motion, Hinman’s deposition ‘should scare everyone’

Until a week back, it was quite apparent that only the plaintiffs in the ongoing SEC v. Ripple lawsuit desperately wanted to depose additional people. However, it recently came to light that the defendants too intended to depose an additional office-bearer. With the sole hint of ‘former SEC official,’ the community started making its own … Read more

Are Bitcoin whales re-strategizing their investments?

As Bitcoin’s price oscillated around the $33,000 level, some market participants are seeking out Ether and other alts to trade during this period of consolidation.  A long-time BTC whale and crypto trader, who goes by the name Flood, recently tweeted that he is reorganizing his digital asset portfolio. Flood said that he is moving some … Read more