WBTC, WETH, and the question of relevance over time

No great mind has ever existed without a touch of madness. Anonymity is the new fame, they say. Nothing ignites curiosity like a pseudonymous luminary with a secret identity. It’s a blessing in disguise. More so, because it helps people feel safe and protected under its veil. History is full of examples of people who … Read more

Traders might have missed these spikes and dips on WBTC, WETH’s charts

When the larger crypto-market faced the brunt of Bitcoin’s southbound rally, Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC) and Wrapped Ethereum (WETH) didn’t do any better. Even though these alts mirrored more or less the same price action as the top two coins, Bitcoin and Ethereum, respectively, certain alarming spikes and dips in their metrics pointed to investor actions … Read more