ZK Research: Bignum Arithmetic for Zero-Knowledge Proofs

As part of our ongoing efforts to inform the Ethereum community about the efforts of Polygon’s zero-knowledge (ZK) teams, we will be posting a series of technical papers by our engineers and researchers. We hope that everyone who’s interested in the inner workings of Polygon’s ZK projects, Ethereum itself, and cryptographic engineering in general will … Read more

ZK Whiteboard Sessions: Your Dev-Driven Curricula for All Things Zero Knowledge

Polygon’s ZK ethos is all about collaboration, as embodied in groundbreaking, industry-reshaping projects such as Polygon zkEVM. In that spirit, Polygon has partnered with ZK Hack, a ZK-focused educational hub, to bring you the ZK Whiteboard Sessions. ZK Hack was created by the team behind the Zero Knowledge Podcast, hosted by Anna Rose. And through … Read more