Robinhood Selects Polygon to Launch Web3 Wallet Beta

Today, we are thrilled to announce that Robinhood has chosen Polygon as the first blockchain network to support its newly launched Web3 wallet. The Robinhood Wallet beta is now live for 10,000 iOS customers out of 1+ million who signed up for the waitlist in May. Together, Polygon and Robinhood are opening access to decentralized … Read more

Nansen Ronin report reveals 82.7% drop in Q2 TVL, struggle to attract validators but bullish signs ahead

The Ronin bridge, an Ethereum sidechain designed to facilitate the growth of the Axie Infinity universe, has had a mountain to climb following its major exploit in April, which led to hundreds of millions of dollars being stolen by hackers. A report from Nansen Alpha exclusively shared with CryptoSlate identified the state of the ecosystem … Read more

Here’s why trading ETHPoW tokens could open users to risk of losing mainnet Ethereum

Warning: There is a risk of relay attacks on individual users’ wallets if the ETHPoW ChainID is not updated as planned. Such attacks will cause users to lose $ETH equivalent to the ETHPoW sold. Recent concerns over The Merge were exacerbated after discovering that the Ethereum proof-of-work chain had not updated its ChainID to a … Read more

ENS reaches 2 million names created – top holder owns 35k domains

The Ethereum Name Service (ENS) has reached a milestone of 2 million “.ETH” addresses minted. The landmark comes just three and half months after the service reached 1 million addresses. ENS addresses allow users to link a human-readable domain ending in “.ETH” to their wallets. Domains such as “beer.eth” can be used to send crypto … Read more

MetaMask and MoonPay team up to simplify fiat on ramp

MetaMask users can now use Moonpay to top up crypto wallets. Leading payments provider Moonpay has teamed up with leading crypto wallet provider MetaMask to allow users to purchase ETH with mainstream payment methods.  MoonPay is continuing on its mission to onboard the world to Web3. With this collaboration, MoonPay gets access to over 30 … Read more

Six Things Companies Need to Know About Web3

Web3, a technology that is as transformative as it is disruptive, is now poised on the cusp of its Gutenberg moment. The incumbent Web2 companies are likely to bear the brunt of that change. Blockchains promise to completely redefine ownership, cost structures, business models, value and bargaining power across a broad spectrum of the economy. … Read more

Vitalik Buterin shows he is just like the rest of us

Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin has proven that he is a mere mortal after all. We can see from his Twitter username that Vitalik owns the ENS domain, Vitalik.eth. However, that means that we can look up this address on Etherscan to see the details of his recent transactions. The ENS address, which he has registered … Read more

Infura Integrates with Polygon to Advance Web 3.0

Infura Transactions (ITX) have come to Polygon! Leveraging the Polygon network to support ITX provides applications with a seamless scaling experience. Specifically, ITX allows end users to send transactions without necessarily holding Ether (ETH). ITX ensures that your transactions are safely submitted and not dropped, while abstracting away the complexities with gas management for developers. … Read more

El Salvador’s Bitcoin wallet Chivo is set to remove its trade profiting feature

Chivo will be removing its scalping feature to curb growing speculative tendencies involving Bitcoin, it said in a tweet last night. “Scalping” would allow users to freeze Bitcoin prices for a minute allowing a small window for the users to compare prices on other exchanges before making a final purchase. Chivo took to Twitter to … Read more