Polygon Enables Instant USDC On-Ramps for Juno Users

Juno, which allows its users to earn, invest and spend their cash and crypto from one checking account, now supports instant on-ramps to USDC on Polygon. Juno App users can now purchase, sell, transfer, and receive USDC on Polygon without paying transaction fees. Users can instantly convert their fiat funds to USDC on Polygon by … Read more

NFTs on MEW Wallet

MyEtherWallet Aug 23 · 3 min read Manage and Show Off Your Collection On the Go We have always believed in the future of mobile crypto management. That’s why we created MEW wallet: to make buying ETH, sending and swapping tokens, and monitoring the markets from your phone seamless and easy on the eye. We … Read more

Introducing Enkrypt, the Browser Extension Wallet by MEW

MyEtherWallet Aug 3 · 3 min read Welcome to the Multichain Future After the Ethereum network officially launched in the summer of 2015, MyEtherWallet’s first website went live just a couple of weeks later. The simple yet effective interface helped the first Ethereum users — both technically advanced developers and inexperienced enthusiasts — generate wallets … Read more

MetaMask Security Monthly: June 2022

Luker Jen Jun 29 · 6 min read Get ready for this month’s jam-packed issue, where you’ll find details about our continued progress from the Lab, a not-too-shabby MTTR, our HackerOne bounty program, and more! Make sure you see our deprecation announcement. Security Laboratory Endo Support for “where are my source files” use cases complete! … Read more

Ledger debuts crypto hardware wallet with NFT support

Ledger recently launched its hardware crypto wallet with upgraded crypto support, and since its pre-launch, it has sold over 10,000 units Ledger is here for you On Tuesday, April 5, Ledger shared the latest version of its crypto hardware wallet, named Ledger Nano S Plus and the list of features is impressive, to say the … Read more

Unstoppable Domains Users Save $100 Million in Fees on Polygon

What’s better than paying less fees? Paying $100 million less! That’s how much the users of Unstoppable Domains have saved in gas since the leading provider of domain names for Web 3.0 launched on Polygon. Before the integration on the Polygon network in November 2021 had all but eliminated transaction fees on Unstoppable Domains, users … Read more

Welcoming MyCrypto to MetaMask

Dan Finlay Feb 1 · Unlisted Building a wallet takes hard work and smart design. Building a crypto wallet that survives multiple market cycles but maintains a laser focus on user safety and stability? That takes special mettle. I’ve seen a lot of wallets come and go during my time building MetaMask, and none are … Read more

Uniswap, the #1 Ethereum App, Is Live On Polygon

Today, we are pleased to announce another big milestone for both Polygon and the wider Ethereum ecosystem. Uniswap is live on Polygon! On November 20, we submitted a proposal to deploy Uniswap to Polygon. The proposal successfully went through all three phases of the Uniswap governance process, and 72M+ UNI holders supported it! We are … Read more

Ledger Live App Now Supports Polygon MATIC Tokens

Holders of Polygon’s native MATIC token can now use the Ledger Live app while keeping their assets secure with their Ledger hardware wallets. Ledger Live is a cryptocurrency management platform with 1.5 million monthly users managing, buying and swapping their token without ever leaving the security of the Ledger’s hardware wallet. Users can buy MATIC … Read more

MetaMask Monthly: October 2021 ✉️

Token Detection, Ledger Changes Coming Soon, Extension’s Button Makeover and Watch Out For New Scams! 🕵️️ Chantal Nov 12 · 5 min read This month we met some of you in Lisbon, we gave our Extension buttons a makeover and made it easier to detect tokens you may be missing in your wallet. On the … Read more