Raiden Pulse #21: Updates From Q2 2022

Raiden Network Aug 18 · 5 min read We are back with another quarterly update covering all sorts of news and progress across strategy, product, and community. TL;DR — Q2 in a nutshell Following our recent release on Arbitrum, we continue improving the accessibility of Raiden. Using Raiden on Arbitrum has clear advantages, which we … Read more

VeVe App Update: Transfers & KYC

Regulatory compliance is a key step toward the global adoption of the digital asset space, and a top priority at VeVe. The regulatory landscape surrounding NFTs is constantly evolving, and with the growing interest in this space over the past 12 months, NFTs are receiving increasing focus from regulatory authorities. These regulatory authorities are responsible … Read more

Update 17: Final LiteBringer Update

This post was originally published on litebringer As we announced about a month ago, we decided to discontinue LiteBringer’s development. Today, the final update has been released. Removal of Subscription and Trading Fees As of now, LiteBringer is completely free to play, there are no microtransactions or monthly fees required to play. The only ‘cost’ … Read more

Coruscant and Krittika: The new Raiden Releases on Mainnet

Raiden Network Dec 30 · 7 min read TL;DR As the end of 2021 approaches, we are thrilled to wrap this year up with newly released mainnet versions of the Python and Light Clients. Never before have we had such performant and stable releases with over 6 new features that optimize the Raiden Network’s performance, … Read more

3,2,1,…Close your channels!

Until October 15th, we recommend you to withdraw your tokens to your on-chain accounts or close your Raiden channels completely. Here’s why: Raiden Network Oct 5 · 3 min read We are close to the finish line with the upcoming Coruscant release for the Python client and the Krittika release for the Light Client. With … Read more

How do I close a channel and withdraw my tokens?

Until October 15th, we recommend you to withdraw your tokens to your on-chain accounts or close your Raiden channels completely. Raiden Network Oct 5 · 3 min read Closing, settling and withdrawal In case a total withdrawal is not possible, Alice can still do a closing and settling followed by the token transfer to her … Read more

How do I withdraw tokens to my on-chain account?

Raiden Network Oct 5 · 4 min read Withdrawal without closing The ideal scenario is to withdraw without closing, in which case both parties need to be online to sign the withdrawal request in the backend. The withdrawal happens in a 3-step on-chain process. Example Alice has an open Raiden channel with Bob on the … Read more

Raiden Pulse #18: Updates from July and August

Raiden Network Sep 3 · 3 min read Welcome back to our bi-monthly edition of the Raiden Pulse where we will guide you through our major news and updates. Sit back, relax and enjoy the reading! 😎 We nailed it This year’s EthCC in Paris, where Raiden was one of the sponsors, was a great … Read more

Raiden Pulse #17: News from April, May and June

Raiden Network Jul 6 · 4 min read We’re back with another Raiden Pulse. Due to a very busy end of May and an even busier June, we decided to cover three months in this issue of the Raiden Pulse. A lot of very exciting things happened during the last three months. The Bespin and … Read more

Announcing the Raiden Light Client “Ashvini” Release

Raiden Network Jun 16 · 6 min read TL;DR The Ashvini release is the first version of the Raiden Light Client released on the Ethereum mainnet. It is a full implementation of Raiden written in Typescript and it runs in any Ethereum enabled browser. Continue to read this blog post to get an overview of … Read more