Ethereum: Mystery solved? The DAO’s $11B hack has a new suspect

While there has been no dearth of hacks and exploits within the cryptocurrency space, one of the most infamous ones transpired in 2016. At the time, around 3.64 million Ether were siphoned off The DAO protocol. The hack remains unsolved to this day. However, crypto-journalist Laura Shin is now claiming to have uncovered new evidence … Read more

New report reveals over 34,000 new developers entered crypto space in 2021

So much of crypto is focused on traders and investors that there’s sometimes a tendency to forget about those who make the many transactions possible – the developers. To that end, Maria Shen of Electric Capital released a report on developer activity in the past year, and the numbers are formidable. Coming on the Unchained podcast, … Read more

Trader using astrology-based analysis predicts this for Bitcoin, Ethereum

Using astrology to predict crypto price movements? Before you dismiss this, it’s worth noting that even Trading View has a moon phases indicator, for investors or traders who use celestial bodies in their analysis. To learn more, journalist Laura Shin interviewed astrologer and trader Maren Altman to learn her price projections for Bitcoin and Ethereum during … Read more