Ethereum Name Service saw 2.2M ENS names registered in 2022

Ethereum Name Service (ENS), a distributed domain name service based on the Ethereum blockchain, announced that it saw over 2.2 million new registrations in 2022. The service celebrated its most successful year yet as it became the most widely integrated blockchain naming standard on the market. The 2.2 million new ENS names registered in 2022 … Read more

Ethereum L2 language Cairo’s TVL surpasses Solana’s Rust

Programming language compiler Cairo is now the third largest smart contract language by total value locked (TVL), according to DeFiLlama data. As of Dec. 26, Cairo has a TVL of $418.23 million. In comparison, the programming language of layer1 blockchain networks like Solana’s (SOL) Rust has a TVL of $396.22 million, while Cardano’s (ADA) Haskell … Read more

Vitalik Buterin says XRP is ‘completely centralized,’ Ripple CTO reacts

Ethereum (ETH) co-founder Vitalik Buterin in a Dec. 19 interview with Bankless, said Ripple’s XRP “was still completely centralized.” According to Buterin, for a project to have itself as part of the crypto space, it needs to use cryptography and have “some kind of chain data structure somewhere.” He added that XRP hasn’t apologized for … Read more

Jokes about wrapped ETH depeg cause brief panic on Twitter

Crypto influencers started a joke about wrapped Ethereum (WETH) losing its peg and becoming insolvent over the weekend, causing a brief panic within the community. The joke started on Nov. 26 when blockchain developer Cygaar tweeted that WETH was about to become insolvent and that they would bail out anyone at a rate of 0.5 … Read more

Ethereum Classic’s Twitter account repurposed for Ergo

Ethereum Classic’s (ETC) Twitter account with over 670,000 followers was repurposed into a new account for rival proof-of-work network Ergo (ERG) on Oct. 6. Hoskinson had control of ETC’s former Twitter account ETC Cooperative executive director Bob Summerville revealed what transpired in a new Twitter thread. So what just happened with this account? 🧵 — … Read more

Bifrost, Coinbase Cloud collaborate to offer cross-chain liquid staking on Kusama

Cross-chain liquidity provider Bitfrost has collaborated with Coinbase Cloud to offer its liquid staking service on the Kusama network, according to a Sept.6 announcement. Bifrost was built using the cross-consensus messaging (XCM) system which allows for easier transfer of liquidity for assets staked across the Polkadot ecosystem. The collaboration will see Bifrost leverage Coinbase Cloud‘s … Read more

New Canvas to Launch Lustration NFT and Social Token on Polygon

We are delighted to announce that the XR media company New Canvas has chosen Polygon as its platform to launch an upcoming NFT and Social token drop for its Lustration project, an award-winning animated VR series that takes place in the fictional afterworld, ‘The Between.’ The fantasy noir story of Lustration is an adaptation of … Read more

Arthur Hayes predicts Ethereum will reach $5K after merge if Fed pivots

BitMEX’s founder Arthur Hayes has predicted that Ethereum’s (ETH) price could rise to $5,000 if the merge upgrade is successful and the Federal Reserve goes ahead with its pivot. Hayes also revealed that the current price of Ethereum represents a tremendous buying opportunity for investors as it is selling 76% below his model price of … Read more

Tether $USDT Stablecoin is Coming to Polygon

Tether, the company behind the largest stablecoin by market capitalization, is now offering their $USDT tokens on Polygon. Tether was first issued on the Bitcoin protocol via the Omni Layer, but it has since migrated to other networks such as Ethereum, resulting in increased trading volumes and liquidity in recent years. Polygon’s DeFi ecosystem will … Read more

State of Governance: Decentralization

At Polygon, we firmly believe that decentralization is non-optional, but rather a hallmark of blockchain technology and one of the most prominent forces of innovation going forward. It is for this reason that a Polygon Governance Team was recently formed. Its mission: to gradually increase the decentralization of Polygon’s products by use of off-chain and … Read more