UK thieves targeting phones to steal crypto

Thieves in the U.K. are now mugging digital investors and stealing victims’ phones to access their crypto investments, the Guardian reported, citing London Police. The city of London police informed the newspaper of the rise in tech-savvy crimes to raise awareness and to warn residents to be cautious. Crypto mugging on the rise Several people … Read more

UK Government on the verge of floating NFT project

As more countries realize the potential of NFTs, the metaverse, and Web3 as a tool for nation-building and wealth creation, there has been an uptick in governmental adoption of NFTs. The Sun never sets on NFTs The UK has had a tumultuous relationship with NFTs, and since the country began its journey to understand better … Read more

Survey: South Africa prefers Bitcoin, while Malaysia, Great Britain choose Ethereum

As per the Chainalysis 2021 Geography of Cryptocurrency report, cryptocurrency adoption is growing worldwide and especially in emerging markets. Naturally, due to a range of factors, investors in different countries are also bullish on diverse cryptocurrencies. A recent survey by the crypto platform Luno took a closer look at investors in Malaysia, South Africa, and … Read more

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin are now available to Paypal’s U.K customers

As the adoption and usage of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies increases around the world, fintech giants are starting to include the same in their basket of offerings. The latest update on this front is from Paypal after it announced that it will extend its cryptocurrency services in the United Kingdom. This means that customers in … Read more