Ethereum’s network revenue surged 1,777% in 2021 as average gas fee reached $26

The previous year was undoubtedly one of major breakthroughs for the Ethereum network. Well, not just in terms of development activity but also its adoption as the industry’s top smart contracts platform. This growth can especially be attributed to the large-scale emergence of both DeFi and NFT sectors. This together amounted to billions of dollars … Read more

How Ethereum’s ‘Merge’ will change the dynamics of liquid staking

The word staking has been doing the buzz around the crypto-space for quite some time now. Now, like most of the things associated with the crypto-space, even this can either be a complicated or a simple notion, depending on how many layers deep one decides to go. For most traders and investors, staking is a … Read more

Ethereum founder, Vitalik Buterin discusses storage requirements, significance of PBS

As Ethereum grows, so does its history – and the hard disk requirements for validators, whose wallets are hurting. During a Reddit AMA, Ethereum users spoke about dealing with past chain data and discussed ways to scale Ethereum L1. Meanwhile, founder Vitalik Buterin also added his take. Time to rewrite history? Buterin put forward two … Read more

Why Ethereum POS will be a ‘more complicated upgrade’

Ethereum developer, Tim Beiko, recently updated on Twitter that the ETH POS Merge “will be a more complicated upgrade than past ones.” Therefore, he added that they will need some “extra buffer relative to their regular upgrade schedules” as they pushed up the EIP-4345 upgrade. He added, “A lot of the work will be towards … Read more

Ethereum can expect prices to hike when this happens

The Ethereum network has consistently been undergoing developments, over the years. All the upgrades and updates, by and large, intend to make the network more scalable, sustainable and secure. Presently, Ethereum is set to change its consensus mechanism from Proof-of-Work to Proof-of-Stake through a series of upgrades that will be marked by its transition to … Read more