Recursive STARKs

StarkWare Aug 11 · 9 min read The very first recursive proofs of general computation, now live on Ethereum Mainnet TL;DR Recursive Proving is live on Mainnet, scaling StarkEx apps as well as StarkNet with a single proof It boosts scale, and delivers benefit in cost, and latency (a rare and exciting occurrence of scale … Read more

StarkEx Version 4.5 is Here!

StarkWare Jun 23 · 4 min read Volition, ERC-1155, and Transaction Bundling TL;DR StarkEx version 4.5 is here! Volition — allowing users to choose — for every single asset! — which data availability mode they would like to use: Rollup (on-chain data) or Validium (off-chain data) ERC-1155 support is now available Transaction Bundling — execute … Read more

STARKs, StarkEx, and StarkNet

StarkWare Jun 2 · 3 min read StarkWare Glossary TL;DR STARKs enable blockchain scaling by efficiently proving the integrity of computations StarkEx is an application-specific scaling engine StarkNet is a permissionless, smart contract Layer 2 network STARKs STARKs (Scalable, Transparent ARgument of Knowledge) are a proof system that enables the proving and verification of computations. … Read more