December 2021 Origin Token (OGN) Holder Update

Every month, the Origin team publishes a monthly update to our token holders and broader community. Welcome to the special December 2021 Year-in-Review edition. We are eager to hear feedback and suggestions from our community. Please email [email protected] for support requests and [email protected] for general inquiries/comments. Please email [email protected] if you are a creator looking … Read more

APY.Finance Integrates Origin Dollar

I am thrilled to announce that leading DeFi yield aggregator APY.Finance has integrated the OUSD-3Crv pool. APY.Finance is a yield farming robo-advisor that runs a risk-balanced portfolio of yield farming strategies from a single pool of user funds. Holders of APY.Finance’s governance token voted on a proposal to add the OUSD pool to their portfolio … Read more

Yearn.Finance Integrates Origin Dollar

Origin is extremely excited to announce that Yearn.Finance has launched a vault integrating the Origin Dollar (OUSD) pool on Curve. Users can now deposit OUSD-3Crv LP tokens into the Yearn vault and automatically receive proceeds from Convex, Curve, and Origin’s liquidity mining campaign. Yearn is one of the largest aggregators and platforms in DeFi. OUSD … Read more

Convex Finance Integrates the Origin Dollar Pool

We are pleased to announce that Convex Finance, one of the largest DeFi platforms, has integrated the Origin Dollar (OUSD) pool on Curve into their platform. Liquidity providers for the OUSD pool on Curve can now stake their LP tokens on Convex. Convex allows liquidity providers on Curve to earn boosted CRV (Curve’s governance token) … Read more

DeversiFi launches instant deposit & withdrawal bridge with Polygon for stablecoins!

DeversiFi launches instant deposit & withdrawal bridge with Polygon for stablecoins! 3rd August — We are excited to announce that DeversiFi, a decentralized ethereum exchange, is launching an instant withdrawal bridge with Polygon for stablecoins. By launching a direct withdrawal bridge to Polygon, DeversiFi aims to allow users to easily bridge assets such as USDC, … Read more

KuCoin to List OUSD & OGN

Coleman Maher May 13 · 3 min read We are thrilled to announce that a major cryptocurrency exchange, KuCoin, is listing OUSD and OGN. This is a landmark listing for Origin Dollar (OUSD). Increasing ease of access to OUSD is an extremely important part of our product roadmap and core to our DeFi thesis. We … Read more