Ethereum: Shadow Fork and Stealth Addresses affect the network by…

Ethereum developers launch Withdrawal-Mainnet-Shadow-Fork-1 ahead of Shanghai. Vitalik Buterin proposes Stealth Addresses to tackle privacy concerns on the network. The developers of Ethereum [ETH] made a significant advancement towards deploying the Shanghai update by creating a “Shadow Fork.” Additionally, Vitalik Buterin suggested a method for guaranteeing transaction privacy on the Ethereum network in a related … Read more

With 70% ETH stakers at a loss, long-term investors could have reason to worry

More than 70% Ethereum stakes were underwater at press time The Shanghai upgrade would enable unstaking once deployed Staking Ethereum [ETH], particularly after the Merge, prompted several conversations. The topics of discussion ranged from dominant staking pools to OFAC-compliant blocks, as well as the threats that a combination of the two posed to Ethereum and … Read more

Staking withdrawals prioritized in Ethereum’s upcoming Shanghai upgrade

ETH developers have prioritized bringing staking withdrawals with the upcoming Shanghai upgrade. The Ethereum Foundation has clarified that it is committed to maximizing the success of its transition to proof-of-stake. The world’s second-largest cryptocurrency will undergo a major upgrade in the first quarter of next year. At the 151st Ethereum Core Developers Meeting held on … Read more