Bitcoin [BTC]: Watch out for these bull run signs the next time you check the charts

Bitcoin [BTC] is feeling the heat of the rebound again after narrowly breaching its $25k resistance level over the last 24 hours. At the time of writing, the crypto was trading at $24,750 on the back of a 0.75% daily hike. In fact, it also looked set to end the week on a positive note … Read more

Ethereum [ETH]: All you should know about the full impact of its Merge reveal

Ethereum appears to be on the right trajectory after a month of redemption. ETH started the month priced a little above $1,050, but is about to end it at around $1,700. On the back of a wider market upturn and the Merge’s announcement, Ethereum has surged on the charts. In fact, the Merge announcement, due … Read more

Here is what Bitcoin and Ether investors are doing in a post-Terra market

Coin flows can tell us a lot about the movements of coins and tokens through the crypto market, as well as investors’ reactions to the market. However, does the latest data match what’s really going on at the exchanges? Let me ETH a look at this Glassnode’s weekly coin flows update revealed that Bitcoin and … Read more

ETH’s correlation to S&P 500 and ‘climbing’ whale transaction hint at…

The crypto market persisted in following the stock market closely over the years. In February, Ether, the second-largest cryptocurrency, moved in tandem with U.S. stocks like never before. Consequently, a 40-day correlation coefficient for the token and the S&P 500 topped at 0.65. Continuing the trend, here’s the latest relationship status. Match made in heaven? … Read more

Google Trends depict falling interest in Ethereum & NFTs but here’s the caveat

While not the most sophisticated of data tools, Google Trends is a way to roughly understand the level of interest that internet users worldwide have in a certain topic. To that end, Google Trends data for the search terms “Ethereum” and “NFT” revealed an unmistakable end result. This was a fall in search interest since … Read more

Ethereum: Here’s what is behind significant spikes in ETH’s social volumes

Bitcoin‘s ongoing correction has had a repercussion on the entire cryptocurrency market. Ethereum, the largest altcoin suffered the same fate. At the time of writing, ETH suffered a fresh 4% correction as it slipped below the $3k mark- it traded at the $2,984 mark. Slowly but surely  The largest altcoin, despite the given drawdown, continued to … Read more

Binance Coin: Amid weak sentiments, how BNB is managing to stay optimistic

The overall cryptocurrency market underwent a massive price correction phase as the market stood at the $1.81T mark. According to CoinMarketCap, the market suffered a 4.2% setback, and Bitcoin and Ethereum alone fell by around 5% and 4%, respectively. But, one coin showcased some vitals despite the overall decline following a bullish adoption development. Showing … Read more

Ethereum [ETH] sees double-digit weekly losses but it seems that whales are…

As the market saw red again, the king coin and the top alt both took a dive in order to revisit levels that some investors had assumed would never be seen again. At press time, Bitcoin had fallen below $42k. Meanwhile, Ether [ETH] was changing hands at $3,048.36 after dropping by 6.27% in the past … Read more

ETH, SP500, and the Fed- what their movements mean for crypto investors

Asset correlations can put a lot of investors on edge, and sometimes, rightly so. For several months, analysts were probing and critiquing Bitcoin for its correlation to more traditional non-crypto stocks, worrying this might affect its status as an inflation hedge. That being said, new data from Santiment suggests that the crypto asset to watch … Read more

Ethereum: Post Teku’s ‘garbage collection,’ here’s how the network is doing

Ethereum’s ETH has finally crawled back over $3,000 and a lot of work is frantically going on behind the scenes to ensure that the merge takes place smoothly. But that does not mean the process is free of hiccups. After what was deemed to be a “minor” incident a few days ago, the Ethereum community came … Read more