Here’s why trading ETHPoW tokens could open users to risk of losing mainnet Ethereum

Warning: There is a risk of relay attacks on individual users’ wallets if the ETHPoW ChainID is not updated as planned. Such attacks will cause users to lose $ETH equivalent to the ETHPoW sold. Recent concerns over The Merge were exacerbated after discovering that the Ethereum proof-of-work chain had not updated its ChainID to a … Read more

ETHPoW team confirms it will use ChainID 10001 to avoid replay attacks on Mainnet

A member of the Coinbase team had to comment on the ETHPoW GitHub repository to get the team to clarify how the forked chain will be set up. Currently, the repository has not updated the ChainID of the network to one that differs from Ethereum Mainnet. We’ve reached the point in the ETHPoW saga where … Read more

European Central Bank hints at PoW-based crypto ban by 2025

The European Central Bank (ECB) blasted Proof-of-Work (PoW) mining as a significant climate change risk in research bulletin published in July. As expected, the report specifically mentioned Bitcoin. However, it also raised issues with Ethereum, despite its transition to a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus mechanism. Researchers compiled estimated carbon footprint data on the above tokens and … Read more

Will Ethereum Layer-2 chains survive after The Merge?

👋 Want to work with us? CryptoSlate is hiring for a handful of positions! Ethereum is finally moving to proof-of-stake this year, and with that, the aim is to: “Ultimately address some of the gas fee issues.” One of the primary methods to reduce gas fees are layer-2 solutions. Chains such as Polygon process over … Read more

Is Vitalik Buterin about to jump from Ethereum to Bitcoin?

Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin posted a tweetstorm this week revealing contradictions in his thoughts and values. Buterin listed ten distinct contradictions, including reducing reliance on people versus building lasting systems and his love of decentralization and democracy versus a tendency to agree with intellectual elites over “the people.” Thread: some still open contradictions in my … Read more

Ethereum’s Merge will no longer happen in June, new date unknown

Ethereum’s highly anticipated transition to a Proof of Stake (PoS) consensus that is anticipated to be live in June is set to be shifted to an unknown date, this was revealed by Tim Beiko, one of the lead developers on the project. Ethereum’s transition to PoS postponed from June According to a tweet from Beiko, … Read more

Crypto Twitter goes bananas on April Fools Day

As one could have expected, April fools day sent Crypto Twitter off the charts this time. At CryptoSlate we really had to think twice before falling for any of the amazing “news” coming out of the social media platform. Anyway, we collected a few of the best tweets on Crypto Twitter during the day. Enjoy! … Read more

Ethereum blasted as “a trojan horse for tyranny” following MetaMask scandal

MetaMask users in Iran and Venezuela reported problems with completing transactions yesterday. It later emerged that affected users were deliberately blocked for “legal compliance” reasons. This is possible because MetaMask uses an API or gateway service through Infura. Like MetaMask, Infura is also owned by Ethereum developers ConsensSys, following its acquisition in October 2019. “Infura … Read more

Ukraine to issue airdrop to all crypto donors ahead of snapshot

Ukraine has today become the first government to announce a cryptocurrency airdrop since El Salvador made Bitcoin legal tender in 2021. The snapshot will be taken tomorrow at 2 pm Kyiv time on March 3, to reward donors. At present, it is unclear which blockchains will be eligible for the Ukraine airdrop. There are several … Read more

Is OpenSea planning to support Solana NFTs?

Rumors spreading on Twitter say that the world’s largest NFT marketplace, OpenSea, might be planning support for Solana-based NFTs soon.  OpenSea website shows support for Solana NFTs Popular tech blogger, Jane Manchun Wong, released screenshots of OpenSea’s website showing Solana among the supported blockchains of Ethereum, Klatyn, and Polygon. The screenshot also shows the marketplace … Read more