Here is Ripple’s take on what is key to understanding NFT collectors

The entry and ascent of NFTs have completely changed the shape of the crypto-industry. Now, NFT creators, collectors, and analysts desperately want to understand the day’s trends so that they can ensure the best possible returns on their investment. To that end, Ripple’s 2022 report on crypto trends – “New Value: Crypto Trends in Business … Read more

Can BAYC’s latest efforts help rescue its in-trouble daily volume, sales stats

Ukraine’s crypto-crowdfunding push began on 26 February 2022 after the government’s official Twitter account announced crypto-donations. Since then, it has received well over $88 million in donations alone. Joining this list  Web3 communities — from DAOs to memecoin holders to NFT collections — have announced projects and initiatives centered around contributing to Ukraine’s relief efforts. … Read more

Crypto lawyer John Deaton justifies holding BTC, ETH while representing XRP holders

The XRP community has been eagerly – or anxiously – anticipating the day the SEC’s lawsuit against Ripple Labs resumes in 2022. Though scheduled to be around 19 January, XRP-investors are already gearing up to make sure their voices are heard. Crypto lawyer John Deaton, who is representing more than 50,000 XRP-holders during the lawsuit, … Read more

XRP, Solana, Tron Price Analysis: 4 December

While the global crypto market hits the $2.2 trillion mark, altcoins like XRP, Solana, and Tron noted over 15% losses in the past 24 hours. Consequently, the bearish thrust led XRP and Tron’s price action to poke their four-month low on 3 December. Further, Solana touched its six-week low on the same day. XRP Source: … Read more

XRP lawsuit: Why a win for Ripple could also be a victory for Ethereum

An enemy of an enemy is a friend. A common phrase, that may just be valid within the ongoing lawsuit between the SEC and fintech firm Ripple and its native token, XRP over the alleged sale of unregistered securities. Although, Ethereum, directly or indirectly plays a part as well in this triangle. It all started … Read more

Here’s what these XRP holders want to do ‘because Ripple’s not going to do it’

The SEC v. Ripple Labs lawsuit is now into the final quarter of 2021, despite rumors of a settlement. In fact, at the moment, the proceedings are far from complete, with both parties raising motion after motion. Just recently, on 29 September, the SEC requested a telephone conference in order to obtain a protective order. … Read more

Is there any ‘logic’ behind the SEC going after Ripple and not Ethereum

For years, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the crypto-community have been at odds over the issue of “regulatory clarity.” To many, the ongoing SEC v. Ripple Labs lawsuit has exposed the incoherence of the SEC’s concept of “clarity.” Meanwhile, Coinbase, one of the world’s largest crypto-exchanges, might also suffer a similar fate … Read more

Will Solana get a second-chance to prove its worth to institutional investors

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XRP lawsuit: Why SEC’s latest motion, Hinman’s deposition ‘should scare everyone’

Until a week back, it was quite apparent that only the plaintiffs in the ongoing SEC v. Ripple lawsuit desperately wanted to depose additional people. However, it recently came to light that the defendants too intended to depose an additional office-bearer. With the sole hint of ‘former SEC official,’ the community started making its own … Read more

Ethereum, Cardano, XRP: Should we expect an alt season at all?

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