Celer IM Integration with Rubic: A ONE-STOP Decentralized Trading Platform

With the launch of the Celer Inter-chain Message (Celer IM) framework on April 25th, we also announced a list of our launch partners. Today we are excited to talk about one of them in a little more detail. Rubic, a multi-chain swap protocol, will be integrating the Celer IM framework to facilitate cross-chain swapping of … Read more

Celer Network Monthly Report – April 2022

Celer Technology R&D Update  We’ve completed the development and testing of the Flow Chain cross-chain bridge and have launched on mainnet. We’ve improved Celer IM, developed an executor service, and launched it on mainnet. We’ve completed the development and testing of the cross-chain NFT solution built with Celer IM and have launched on the testnet. … Read more

AMA Summary – Held on April 8, 2022

General Celer Update Let’s first have a look at our analytics page on https://cbridge-analytics.celer.network/! We have achieved almost $5.9B transaction volume on Celer cBridge. TVL is now $735M, higher than ever! cBridge has safely served close to 130K users so far. It is of course amazing growth and we are all super stoked to see … Read more

AMA Summary held on Jan. 14, 2022

Update Since we launched cBridge 2.0 out of the gate, you are probably seeing that we have picked up the pace of partnerships. New chains and new tokens are added to cBridge on a daily basis. In fact, we have more than double the number of chains supported and 5 times the number of tokens … Read more

New Tokens & Chains Supported on cBridge – Week 12/13

2021-12-18 51 sec read Celer Network is excited to announce that new bridging support is added for the following chains and tokens during the last two weeks: New Chains Boba Network — $USDC can now be transferred between Boba Network and all other cBridge-supported chains New Tokens $LYRA between Ethereum <> Optimism  $DOMI between Ethereum … Read more

AMA Summary held on Dec 3, 2021

Update cBridge has been live for 2 weeks now. Based on the community feedback, we have done a successful upgrade to better support some super cool new features. The first one is that Celer’s cBridge now supports “canonical bridging” functionality. Why is it useful? So, say if you are a project that originally issued a … Read more

cBridge 2.0 testnet quality feedback (1)

As we launched the cBridge 2.0 test network (test-cbridge-v2.celer.network) on October 19, we started a simple feedback campaign in the meanwhile to motivate and collect feedback from users during the beta testing process in order to maximize the user experience. During the first week of cBridge 2.0 beta, we received more than 200 test feedbacks … Read more

AMA Summary held on Oct 23, 2021

Our Update Less than 30 days ago, we announced the plan to build cBridge v2.0, and this week, we released it on testnet. We hope to keep this pace of execution for sure. How far away are we from the mainnet? That all depends on the confidence level of security for the upcoming release and … Read more

cBridge 2.0 Testnet Launches

After releasing our plan to build cBridge 2.0 less than one month ago, we are super stoked to announce that cBridge 2.0 Testnet is launched today! cBridge 2.0 is built to provide a much simpler user experience with a highly scalable and deep multi-chain liquidity management system to support billion-dollar daily cross-chain transfer volume to … Read more

Oct 1st, 2021 AMA Summary

The biggest news we have to share during this update would be this tweet and blog post: 🚀Super excited to introduce cBridge 2.0:😍Even better user experience with lower costs🍰Simple and efficient LP experience with option to not run a node🛠️Generalized SDK for cross-chain NFT and more 😇All powered by Celer State Guardian Network https://t.co/ksrd8vkJWX — … Read more