How NFTs Benefit the Artists You Know and Love

Finding success as a traditional artist has always meant navigating the closed-off world of the gallery-dealer complex. An artist who doesn’t come from a privileged background or runs in well-connected circles, has little hope of gaining traction. And if their art happens to be digital, they are pretty much straight out of luck. Non fungible … Read more

Blue-Chip NFTs worth the label? A BAYC, CryptoPunks case study

Up by 2% over the last seven days, the Blue Chip Index revealed some growth in the performance of Blue Chip NFTs over the past week. According to NFTGo, the Blue Chip Index is calculated by weighing the market capitalization of Blue Chip NFT collections to determine their performance.  So, let’s take a closer look … Read more

Introducing Collections: branded marketplaces, powered by Origin Story

Origin Protocol’s Story platform aims to bring NFTs to everyone with the simplest and most trusted way for NFT creators to launch, manage and grow their collections and communities. As a pioneer in NFTs, Story has led record-breaking NFT drops from world-renowned creators including 3LAU, Paris Hilton, BT, Trevor Jones, and Don Diablo. We’re huge … Read more

Is the NFT hype fizzling out or is there something else at play here

Recently published report suggests a major downtrend in NFT sales. This led to calls of a worrying NFT market sentiment which are gradually being quashed after big performances recently. Nonfungible published a report talking about the NFT market performance during the Q1 of 2022. The report has raised many eyebrows after being published, indicating a depleting … Read more

APENFT Marketplace Developer Sprint Arrives with Million-Dollar Prizes to Boost NFT Ecosystems

Singapore / April 6, 2022 / – Today, the APENFT Marketplace Developer Sprint kicks off, following the Marketplace Testnet launch. APENFT Marketplace has positioned a $2 million prize pool to aid outstanding NFT developers, reward teams who build the finest NFT projects, and diversify the broad NFT ecosystems. The APENFT Marketplace Developer Sprint marks the … Read more

GameStop NFT Marketplace, powered by Loopring L2

We’re thrilled to announce that the long-awaited GameStop NFT Marketplace (beta) is now LIVE, with the full NFT Marketplace coming shortly, built atop none other than Loopring L2! It’s no secret that NFTs have become mainstream and are quickly becoming the next frontier of gaming, and the future of digital ownership for unique digital goods … Read more

PolyOne Arrives Today in Ground-Breaking NFT Launch

PolyOne, an exciting new NFT marketplace, will run off the Ethereum and Polygon blockchains, as they look to propel global art into the NFT stratosphere… PolyOne will launch in spectacular fashion today, Monday 21 March 2022 as the ‘first arts and entertainment NFT platform with a Global Mission’. The launch named the ‘Genesis Drop’, will take place … Read more

Lucky Ducky Launches Generative NFT Collection on Origin Story

We’re expanding Origin Story to enable the creation of large-scale NFT collections for growing communities of collectors and fans to position creators in the gaming, metaverse, and PFP (profile picture) verticals for success. Beginning next week, we will be launching a series of generative collections with our inaugural partners in these market segments. We’re very … Read more

SoftBank set to Enter NFT marketplace Space

Z Holdings Corp, a unit of SoftBank Group, is set to make a big splash in the NFT space by leveraging on its service to motivate adoption as part of its global growth strategy SoftBank: Time for a shakeup in the NFT Space SoftBank is one of the largest and most prosperous companies in Asia, … Read more