Here’s the ‘how’ and ‘why not’ of Ethereum ‘flipping’ Bitcoin in the long term

In a space as competitive and as nascent as the crypto-verse, hopes of top coins flippening one another aren’t uncommon. However, the Ethereum flipping Bitcoin narrative seems as old as time, at least in crypto terms. In fact, the narrative gathered more steam after Ethereum’s London hard fork. Of late, however, a new thesis has … Read more

Litecoin flips Ethereum in terms of active addresses; can it maintain this streak

Litecoin is undeniably one of the oldest coins in the crypto-space. However, with the emergence of newer coins, this “blue-chip” crypto has been losing its relevance. The coin that once used to stand right next to Bitcoin has been struggling to cling on to its 15th position of late. Nevertheless, Litecoin managed to script history … Read more

Ethereum: A 7000% hike by 2022 IF history repeats itself

Bitcoin’s move to $55.3k filled the market with euphoria, partially overshadowing Ethereum’s 5% gains in two days. While the top altcoin made slower moves inching north, the anticipation of a slow and steady rally strengthened across the market. Ethereum, at press time, was trading at $3,540 with daily gains of 1.23% against BTC’s gains of … Read more

How Bitcoin can make or break Ethereum’s road to $4k and beyond

Just over 24 hours ago, Bitcoin broke above the $51k-mark and people from the crypto-community were quite elated. Ethereum, however, was oscillating around $3.4k at that time. During the initial few days of September, both cryptos recorded upticks of more or less the same magnitude. This isn’t the case anymore though. In fact, their differentials … Read more

Here’s what these XRP holders want to do ‘because Ripple’s not going to do it’

The SEC v. Ripple Labs lawsuit is now into the final quarter of 2021, despite rumors of a settlement. In fact, at the moment, the proceedings are far from complete, with both parties raising motion after motion. Just recently, on 29 September, the SEC requested a telephone conference in order to obtain a protective order. … Read more

Ethereum: Talks of a bear market are premature, but here are the risks ahead

Disclaimer: The findings of the following analysis are the sole opinions of the writer and should not be considered investment advice Ethereum has presented both bullish and bearish arguments so far in the month of September. At the start of the month, ETH rose by nearly 30% to a 16-wk high of $4,025 and set its … Read more

The Arbitrum story – Here’s the A to Z of this Ethereum scaling solution

Blockchain projects, for the most part, are validated by people from the community for their vision and ambition. Even though scalability, decentralization, and security remain the flag-bearers of this technology, retaining all the aforementioned core features, in conjunction, is quite challenging. Well, problems are always disguised as opportunities, aren’t they? With time, the crypto-space has … Read more

Ethereum’s Buterin wants these conditions met for ‘potential’ ETH-DOGE cooperation

Dogecoin, the crypto-market’s most popular meme token, seems to have found a new follower in recent times – Ethereum’s Vitalik Buterin. For his part, however, this isn’t an interest that has cropped up suddenly on the back of the hype associated with DOGE. In fact, back in 2016, Buterin had invested $25,000 in DOGE. He … Read more

Bitcoin and Ethereum, perhaps, but can whales manipulate NFTs

The digital asset ecosystem is widely regarded as the next generational form of wealth. Over the years, while there have been many critics, there have been many more that have accepted the intrinsic value of crypto-assets. Even so, these assets aren’t immune to one kind of behavior – Whale Manipulation. Instances of the same were … Read more

What you need to know about Ethereum miners’ coping mechanism after EIP-1559

The London hard fork on the Ethereum blockchain was activated on 5 August. Along with it came Ethereum Improvement Protocol (EIP) 1559 which initiated a fee burn mechanism for every transaction. According to many, this EIP was expected to negatively impact miners, with some of these fears possibly coming true too. However, even with these … Read more