Why Ethereum (ETH) Lags Behind Bitcoin (BTC)

Ethereum (ETH) has made headlines for turning deflationary two weeks ago despite underperforming Bitcoin. According to Ultrasound Money, the second-largest cryptocurrency’s net issuance or annualized inflation rate dropped below zero on Jan. 15. This means that the leading smart-contract blockchain is now burning more ETH than what is being minted, which is in contrast to … Read more

Ethereum Successfully Deploys Its First Mainnet Shadow Fork Ahead of Shanghai Upgrade

Ethereum developers have successfully deployed the first mainnet shadow fork in preparation for the Shanghai upgrade. This upgrade is due in March and will allow validators to unstake their ETH. The Ethereum network has taken a step forward with respect to the Shanghai upgrade. The development team successfully deployed its first mainnet shadow fork in … Read more

How Coinbase Could Benefit From Ethereum Shanghai Upgrade

The Ethereum staking narrative has been gaining momentum recently. Liquid staking platforms will benefit when the Shanghai upgrade is deployed, but centralized exchanges could also get a boost. According to JP Morgan analysts, the March-slated Ethereum Shanghai upgrade could be a big deal for exchanges such as Coinbase. The upgrade will implement EIP (Ethereum Improvement … Read more

Ethereum Merge Checkpoint Reached in 2022; What’s to Come in the New Year?

The long-awaited Ethereum Merge was the network’s crowning achievement in 2022, but there are still proposals and upgrades to contend with in 2023. The Ethereum Foundation and research team have been addressing emergent issues and progress in the maximal extractable value (MEV) domain, according to a compilation by Ethereum. The transition of the Ethereum mainnet to proof-of-stake … Read more

This Marketplace Delisted Ethereum Claiming That It Is a Digital Form of Fiat

Ethereum will be kicked out of the Paxful marketplace due to the Proof-of-Stake transition. The founder believes that ETH is not decentralized. Ray Youssef, the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Paxful marketplace, announced through Twitter that they would remove ETH from the marketplace to make 11.6 million users safer. Paxful is a global peer-to-peer … Read more

Visa Proposes Automatic Payments System for Ethereum Accounts

Global credit giant Visa has been researching smart contracts and programmable payments. The firm wants to let Ethereum holders set up automatic payments. Visa has announced a proposal to enable Ethereum holders to set up programmable payments from their own self-custodial wallets. Furthermore, the concept would eliminate banks and centralized third parties from the transactions. … Read more

Ethereum Whales Transferred Nearly $30M Worth of ETH After 5 Years of Inactivity

Large amounts of Ethereum are on the move as previously inactive whale accounts wake from a five-year slumber. On Dec 19, on-chain analysis Twitter feed ‘Lookonchain’ reported that two dormant Ethereum addresses have started to show activity. The addresses have not been active for five years but woke up on Dec. 18. Two transfers totaling … Read more

Bitcoin Hits $18,000 – Is It Time for Ethereum and XRP to Break Out?

Bitcoin (BTC) price finally broke out from a resistance area that had been in place since the beginning of the month. Meanwhile, Ethereum (ETH) price is currently attempting to do so and Ripple (XRP) price could soon follow. Bitcoin Price Prediction: BTC Finally Breaks Out Bitcoin, the digital asset created by Satoshi Nakamoto, has increased … Read more

Here’s Why This Crypto Exchange Chief Asked Investors to Withdraw Their Holdings

Ray Youssef, CEO and co-founder of Paxful, has asked investors on centralized crypto exchanges to withdraw their holdings. Youssef also revealed contentious measures the exchange will take in the aftermath of the FTX collapse. In a Twitter thread this week, Youssef reiterated “self-custody.” He said, “I’m messaging all of our users to move your Bitcoin … Read more

Ethereum Core Devs Set March 2023 to Ship Shanghai Upgrade

In the final All Core Developers meeting for the year on Dec. 8, 2022, Ethereum developers agreed to roll out the anticipated Shanghai upgrade in March 2023. The Shanghai upgrade, formally known as Ethereum Improvement Proposal 4895, would allow validators to withdraw their staked ETH from the Beacon Chain consensus layer after the successful completion … Read more