Ethereum: What you should know about Long-term holders’ ‘historic’ sell-off

October and November have been kind of historic for not just Ethereum, but all altcoins. However, “historic” doesn’t necessarily automatically imply a positive development. In Ethereum’s case, this particular development is the perfect example.  Ethereum marks a new ATH… Not in terms of price action though. Instead, it has to do with an ATH, one … Read more

Analyzing holding patterns among Ethereum mid-term and long-term holders

As the market moved into the red zone for the day, Ethereum continued to remain in the green. In fact, Ethereum’s rise has been quite contained as opposed to many other altcoins that did not display a systematic rally. This could be one of the reasons why Ethereum holders are behaving the way they are … Read more

What does this development indicate for Ethereum, going forward

Ethereum has been following Bitcoin’s lead along with the entire crypto market as it rallied this month. Trading at $3914.85, the altcoin is in a good spot and the same can be observed from investors’ perspective as well. But this development could put a halt to the good mood prevailing in the market.  Ethereum on … Read more