Ethereum (ETH) Holds on to the $1.7K and 100 EMA Level Strongly!

Ethereum, the number 2 blockchain, is headed to create a new peak value since the minor profit booking witnessed on July 28, 2022. Price action continues to witness some resistance at the $1780 levels, but buying sentiment has broken all records as RSI enters over-bought zones. The Ethereum price action seems to have found a … Read more

Ethereum Faces Resistance at the 100 Ema: ETH Consolidation Awaits!

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Ethereum Attempts to Breach the 100 EMA; Can ETH Succeed?

Ethereum has now become profit and gains. Despite the ups and downs, the ETH price has returned to its previous peaks. This time it has gained tremendous price action from its June 2022 dip value of $883. The market capitalization of ETH has reached $204,925,177,350 and showcases a strong potential to continue moving upwards. The … Read more

Ethereum On a Great Move; Is It a Great Buying Opportunity in ETH?

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Will Ethereum Sustain Its Dominance Over New Projects like Evergrow and Firepin?

Ethereum is one of the popular cryptocurrencies, but the crypto market is down due to various reasons. The spread of the COVID variant, turmoil in Eastern Europe, supply chain issues, and inflation are the main reasons for crypto market outflows.  Recently the Terra Luna fiasco and the announcement of ‘Withdrawal Pause’ from leading service provider … Read more

Will Ethereum Continue to Overpower Its Competitors in the Future?

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ETH is Now “One Step Closer” to Ethereum 2.0

Ethereum is a popular cryptocurrency. Recently the Ropsten Merge Test upgrade comes with the solutions it used to face in the last few years. The news regarding Ethereum 2.0 has already triggered the butterflies in the stomach of developers, analysts, and investors, who have high expectations regarding the update. In the last few years, it … Read more

Where Can ETH Price Go After Ethereum’s Ropsten Test Merge?

In the last couple of years, popular blockchains like Ethereum and Bitcoin have faced various issues related to scalability, eco-friendliness, security, and transactions. Ethereum 2.0 upgrade comes with a solution to many of these problems. It is in the news because of the much-anticipated transition from proof of work consensus to proof of stack consensus. … Read more

Is It Right Time to Buy ETH Amid Advancement of Ethereum Ropsten?

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The Merge Brings Proof-Of-Stake to Ropsten for a Test Run

Ethereum is set to implement The Merge upgrade on the Ropsten testnet for the first extensive test run. The Ropsten Beacon Chain, launched on May 30 to provide consensus, will be upgraded to support The Merge upgrade at slot number 24000. Moreover, users need to manually set the values of Terminal Total Difficulty to activate … Read more