Ethereum holders might be elated to know this about exchange balance

Ethereum exchange balance hit a five-year low as more holders moved their assets to self-custody options and DeFi platforms. The decline in exchange balance can be attributed to factors such as the rise of DeFi, the switch to PoS, and the downturn in the crypto market. The beginning of the year ushered in a whirlwind … Read more

Ethereum: Shanghai Upgrade approaches, here’s what node operators should know

Earnings from transaction fees on the network declined by 3.66% over the previous week. The Open Interest (OI) for ETH rose, complementing the increase in price. In preparation for the much-anticipated Shanghai hard fork which is scheduled to go live on 12 April, Ethereum [ETH] developers asked all network validators to upgrade their nodes. During … Read more

Ethereum [ETH] becomes traders’ current favorite because of this reason

Ethereum traders issue large call options on ETH despite expected uncertainty as the Shanghai Upgrade inches closer. Whales begin to show interest, however, velocity and network growth start to decline. As the Shanghai Upgrade inches closer, expectations regarding ETH’s volatility have been on the rise. However, it has recently been reported that traders have started … Read more

Will Ethereum [ETH] follow Bitcoin’s [BTC] lead as the market rallies?

Analyst suggested that Ethereum could soon follow Bitcoin’s rally. NFT trades and lowering gas fees may impact network activity in the long run. Bitcoin [BTC] has been seeing quite a rally over the last few days, inspiring a lot of positive speculation around the king coin. However, it appears that Ethereum [ETH] will also soon be … Read more

North Korean Lazarus Group tries to phish Euler exploiter

Ad A wallet connected to the Ronin bridge exploiter sent 2 Ethereum (ETH) — worth $3,586 — to Euler Finance (EUL) hacker on March 17, according to on-chain data. The transaction was attached with a message urging the Euler Finance hacker to decrypt an encrypted message. Polygon’s chief information security officer Mudit Gupta said the … Read more

What can Ethereum’s [ETH] declining gas fees mean for the protocol? Analyzing…

Ethereum’s gas fees reached a one-month low, inspiring renewed interest. NFT activity and validator numbers surge, but whales’ ETH concentration remained a concern. The Ethereum [ETH] network, despite its popularity, has been known to drive away users due to the high gas fees required to make transactions on the network. Is your portfolio green? Check … Read more

An Ethereum [ETH] breakout past $1800 will remain unlikely until… 

Disclaimer: The information presented does not constitute financial, investment, trading, or other types of advice and is solely the writer’s opinion. The sentiment and structure behind Ethereum were bullish. Traders can wait for a breakout over the next week and a retest before buying. Ethereum [ETH] made enormous gains on the price charts over the … Read more

Why BTC outflows persist despite renewed hopes for crypto comeback

BTC’s outflows continue to grow despite renewed hope in the crypto ecosystem. As Shanghai Upgrade draws nearer, investors shy away from Ether products. According to a new report by CoinShares digital asset investment products recorded six consecutive weeks of outflows totaling $95 million. Over the last five weeks, there has been $406 million in outflows … Read more

Ethereum [ETH]: Assessing if sliding fees can hasten relay to $2k

Increased demand and a decline in fees could help ETH reach $2,000. Unfiltered ETH transactions dominated the network as Ethereum struggled to register new addresses. Holders of Ethereum [ETH] savored the surreal rise of the cryptocurrency over the last two weekends. Because of the hike in value, the demand for the altcoin king significantly increased … Read more

Ethereum (ETH) Price Prediction 2025-2030: What ETH short-sellers should expect

Disclaimer: The datasets shared in the following article have been compiled from a set of online resources and do not reflect AMBCrypto’s own research on the subject. Ethereum has been seeing a lot of bullish demand amidst the banking crisis. Starting in 2022, when it transitioned from a proof-of-work approach to a proof-of-stake system for running … Read more