YouTuber Siraj Raval Caught Lying About Mining $800 in ETH with a Tesla

Siraj Raval, a Tesla Model 3 owner claims he learned to mine up to $800 with Tesla, but the community questioned the statement. Sponsored Sponsored Youtuber Siraj Raval claims to have been able to mine $800 per month in ether (ETH) cryptocurrency using Tesla Model 3. CNBC writes about this with reference to Raval. Source: CNBC It is reported … Read more

Ethereum Brushes New All-Time High a Week After Bitcoin

Ethereum (ETH) hit a new all-time high of $4,400, just over a week after Bitcoin (BTC) achieved the same feat. Sponsored Sponsored ETH is also riding the recent wave of enthusiasm in the cryptocurrency markets. Up nearly 55% since the end of September, ETH has now topped its previous record of $4,380 set in May, … Read more

Ethereum Addresses Holding >1 ETH Reach All-Time High

The Ethereum network now has 1.34 million addresses with at least 1 ETH. This new all-time high is accompanied by a rise in the number of unique addresses, as well as the price of the cryptocurrency. Sponsored Sponsored Ethereum (ETH) investors are looking strong as the number of Ethereum addresses holding at least 1 ETH … Read more

Ethereum Client Developers Detail Difficulty Bomb Delays

The Ethereum London upgrade will also entail an adjustment to the “difficulty bomb” in addition to the long-awaited fee calculation shakeup. Sponsored Sponsored The Ethereum London hark fork is set to launch to mainnet on Aug 4. With it comes the highly anticipated EIP-1559 that will begin burning gas fees after changing the current auction … Read more

Nearly 25% of All Ethereum Locked in Smart Contracts

Ethereum continues to get fundamentally stronger in terms of becoming a decentralized financial layer and almost a quarter of the supply is now locked in smart contracts. Sponsored Sponsored Industry observer and ETHhub founder, Anthony Sassano, has noted that the amount of ETH locked into smart contracts is similar to that during the DAO event … Read more

Ethereum Market Cap Reaches New Highs, Surpasses Visa

The Ethereum market cap briefly topped $500 billion for a new all-time high. This officially made the network more valuable than Visa. While the Ethereum market cap has dropped back slightly to $496 billion at the time of press, it’s still $2 billion ahead of Visa. Ethereum also managed to jump the market caps of … Read more

JPMorgan Analysts: Ethereum Should Be Trading at $1,000

Analysts from JPMorgan Chase argue that the price of ether (ETH) is far too high, based on metrics like network activity and the number of unique addresses. JPMorgan Chase analysts believe that ether should be trading at a price of $1,000—over 70% lower than its current price. According to the analysts, this inaccurate fair value … Read more

Measuring the Yearly Increase for ETH

In this article, we will take a look at the price movement of Ethereum (ETH) and measure the increase each year, in order to see how it measures up to the current upward movement. ETH had its most bullish year in 2018, while its most bearish year right afterwards, in 2019. For the ETH price … Read more