Diving in: Why are 81% of Ethereum’s Beacon Chain nodes in the U.S. and Europe?

Ethereum was the first generalist blockchain to popularize Decentralize Finance (DeFI) through its use of smart contracts. In turn, they created a rich ecosystem of dApps as web interfaces to the blockchain’s smart contract, so far accounting for 3,778 dApps across 6,730 smart contracts. Such dApps have recreated virtually the entire financial system – borrowing, … Read more

Ethereum: 1 million ETH now burned, but here’s why the Merge cannot wait

Earlier today, the Ethereum network managed to successfully burn 1 million ETH, worth over $4 billion at the time of writing. This milestone was achieved over three months after the London hard fork (EIP-1559) was successfully activated back in early August. Source: Watch the Burn Thanks to EIP-1559, the base fee is burned during each … Read more

Developer shares insights on ETH 2.0 and why he’s ‘feeling good about Ethereum right now’

Ethereum’s market cap dropped below $500 billion at press time. Needless to say that Ethereum’s short-term weakness doesn’t really bother its long-term investors as it still holds over $166 billion in TVL. What’s coming? Well, the network is gearing up for ETH 2.0, its biggest upgrade since 2015. As per developer Tim Beiko, both ETH … Read more

The three types of attacks Ethereum could face in its proof-of-stake avatar

Ethereum (ETH) rose by over 9% to reach a new high on Friday. This was days after the network underwent the Altair upgrade successfully. ETH, the native token of the second-largest blockchain by market cap, blasted to $4,415, ergo, crossing its previous ATH. Needless to say, different analysts have portrayed various bullish sentiments concerning this … Read more

Ethereum gas price quotation system GasNow suspends operations

The Bitcoin market might be filled with optimism – and more than just a little greed – but certain components of the crypto sector are yet to shake off the effects of China’s crypto crackdown. Most recently, Sparkpool’s Ethereum GasNow website has shut down. This came soon after Sparkpool itself ceased all operations on 30 September, … Read more

500,000 ETH Worth $1.7B Burnt Since August Network Update

More than 500,000 ETH worth around $1.7 billion at current prices has been destroyed since the Aug 5 London upgrade deployed EIP-1559. The milestone was noted by industry researcher Evan Van Ness who added “We’re on pace for nearly 3 million $ETH burned every year.” Sponsored Sponsored The Ultrasound.Money fee burning tracker is currently reporting … Read more

Ethereum Settles Over $6T in Transactions in Past 12 Months

Ethereum settled over $6 trillion in transactions in the past 12 months, a 369% increase over 2020. $1.5 trillion worth of transactions were settled in Q3 alone. Sponsored Sponsored Ethereum is hitting new milestones by the week, it appears, as data from Messari shows that a staggering $6.2 trillion in transactions were recorded in the … Read more

Over $1 billion worth of Ethereum (ETH) now burned after EIP-1559 update

Nearly six weeks after the implementation of the highly hyped Ethereum London upgrade, a colossal amount of ETH has been burned on the network. $1 billion Ether burned Data from Watchtheburn confirmed this with figures, as it indicated that since the activation of London Hard Fork on August 5, over 297,000 ETH, worth more than … Read more

If ‘Ethereum is already more popular than Bitcoin,’ what are institutions waiting for

Since Bitcoin’s rally last year, high-level financial institutions have placed a lot more importance on the cryptocurrency’s value. However, while companies like Microstrategy and Tesla have gone big on the top digital asset, Ethereum is still well behind in making that cut. Companies like Coinbase may be changing that narrative, however, with the NASDAQ-listed cryptocurrency … Read more

These are the reasons behind Solana, Polkadot achieving ‘escape velocity’

There is no doubt that Ethereum was the premier in bringing smart contracts and DeFi to the cryptocurrency ecosystem, firmly establishing its rank as the most used blockchain in the world. Of late, however, several next-generation networks have emerged that sustain themselves on solving many of the problems faced by the older blockchain. While in … Read more