Ethereum Shanghai hardfork: New testnet launches on network as these metrics soar

Testnet dubbed Zhejiang will launch on February 1 to test staking withdrawal. Validators and ETH staking continue to increase as Shanghai hardfork nears. The Ethereum [ETH] network has come one step closer to the Shanghai hardfork with the launch of a testnet. The testnet, titled Zhejiang, will reportedly serve as a precursor to the eventual … Read more

Ethereum sees an increase in these metrics as Shanghai Upgrade nears

Ethereum validators hit over 500,000 as the network moved close to an upgrade. The total value of ETH staked also increased to over 16 million. As per a report published on 17 January by web3 platform Alchemy, the number of smart contracts deployed on the Ethereum [ETH] mainnet had increased by 293% in comparison to … Read more

With 70% ETH stakers at a loss, long-term investors could have reason to worry

More than 70% Ethereum stakes were underwater at press time The Shanghai upgrade would enable unstaking once deployed Staking Ethereum [ETH], particularly after the Merge, prompted several conversations. The topics of discussion ranged from dominant staking pools to OFAC-compliant blocks, as well as the threats that a combination of the two posed to Ethereum and … Read more

Can Ethereum [ETH] maintain its stability despite the hawkish circumstances?

Ethereum’s burning rate was more than minting activities, resulting in a good supply rate Staking activities were actively operational, although it was insignificant to ETH’s price Ethereum [ETH] seemed to have sustained a good performance despite the unpleasant nature of the crypto market. This was the opinion of Easy OnChain, a CryptoQuant analyst. According to … Read more

Ethereum staking rewards hit an all time low but there may be a solution in sight

Ethereum [ETH] staking rewards have not been something to look forward to despite the 6% increase since the Merge. According to a recent Messari tweet, ETH inflation had fallen to almost zero, which had affected the possibilities of increased rewards.  However, that was not the only reason. The crypto intelligence platform further noted that the … Read more

What Ethereum [ETH] traders can expect from Q4

Ethereum has been in the heat of discussion on social media following the release of the Merge last week. However, everything has not gone according to plan as ETH prices have dropped below $1,350. In fact, Ether’s weekly losses are now at more than 17% according to CoinMarketCap. But anonymous crypto enthusiast (@CryptoGucci) believes all … Read more

Ethereum: Is the Merge nothing more than another “sell-the-news-event”

The Merge has been a success for Ethereum [ETH]. Wait… but that’s not it as ETH has continued to dip despite this release. The continued fall of the token has attracted the attention of analysts across the crypto industry to give their two cents on the matter. Galaxy Digital based researcher Christine Kim has also … Read more

Ethereum reached this interesting milestone before Fed meeting

As the Federal Open Markets Committee (FOMC) meeting concluded a brutal Consumer Price Index (CPI) report, the crypto markets responded in a similar fashion. The top-ranked altcoin, Ethereum [ETH] showed a massive windfall in the past day as the larger markets took a major U-turn. According to CoinMarketCap, Ethereum was trading just above $1,600 after … Read more

Ethereum: Here’s everything latest about ‘staked ETH discounts’

Ethereum [ETH] will release the Merge on the beacon chain in the next few days. This event has engrossed the larger crypto community for a long time now. The anticipations around the Merge have led to high activity surrounding Ethereum on social platforms. In a recent tweet, Santiment claimed that “Social interest in the Merge … Read more

Assessing the odds of Ethereum crossing $2k mark this week

Ethereum is gearing to break out through a key resistance level in the next week. The largest altcoin by market cap was trading at $1,750 after seeing a 1.15% drop in the past day. But weekly gains still stand at double digits for Ethereum as it prepares ahead of the Merge. There is growing optimism … Read more