ETH in the FUD mud awaiting rally as investors #buythedip

Total market capitalization for cryptocurrencies dipped by 10% over the past week and 4.15% in 24 hours. Consequently,  ETH suffered the wrath of decline. Usually, FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt) is a part of a rally. But, curiously, Ethereum witnessed FUD in its bear market this time.  Well, ETH saw a 5% price correction at … Read more

4 reasons why Ethereum is surging as the price climbs over $3,000

The macroeconomic and geopolitical environment surrounding crypto and the whole global economy has had its impact on the price action of cryptocurrencies in general, with the war in Ukraine as the overarching geopolitical disaster moving energy and commodities prices to dangerously high levels. However, In the United States, the Federal Reserve’s FOMC (Federal Open Market … Read more

2 million ETH tokens have been burnt as Merge draws nearer

The Ethereum EIP-1559 has now burned 2 million ETH. The burning mechanism, which became active after the London hard fork in August 2021, is part of the effort to keep the token deflationary. As of press time, over $5 billion worth of Ethereum tokens has been burnt at their current value. Over $5 billion ETH … Read more

Over Two Million Ethereum Burned Since EIP-1559 Implementation

Network data shows that Ethereum has burnt over 2 million ETH, worth about $5.7 billion, since the introduction of EIP-1559. The burning mechanism was introduced as a part of the London hard fork in August 2021. Sponsored Sponsored Data from Watch the Burn shows that over 2 million ETH — worth about $5.7 billion — … Read more

Over $5B in ETH Burned Since Ethereum London Hard Fork in August 2021

The much-hyped Ethereum London Hard Fork has gained ground in 2022, particularly with its EIP-1559 which has seen an increment in the number of coins burned since August 2021.   Sponsored Sponsored Ethereum Improvement Protocol (EIP) 1559 has been an essential part of the London Hard Fork since its launch on Aug. 4, 2021.  Sponsored Sponsored … Read more

Polygon introduces EIP-1559 to have a deflationary effect on MATIC

The Ethereum upgrade that introduced a partial network fee burning mechanism in August last year is currently making headlines again. Ethereum sidechain network Polygon is in the news today after it incorporated the same update (EIP-1559) within its ecosystem. The ‘deflationary’ club  Folks, #EIP1559 is a few hours away from going live on the #Polygon … Read more

EIP-1559 Upgrades Are Going Live on Polygon Mainnet

The much-anticipated implementation of Ethereum Improvement Proposal 1559 is coming to the Polygon blockchain, bringing with it burning of the native MATIC token and better fee visibility. Known as the London hardfork, EIP-1559 went live on Ethereum mainnet in August last year and was one of the biggest changes in its history. After a successful … Read more

Here is why Ethereum’s dominance in DeFi is falling

Ethereum is undoubtedly the leading blockchain in DeFi, but this could be about to change as analysts at JPMorgan have noted that the dominance of the asset in the space could already be fading. According to the analysts, the rise of smart contract-enabled protocols like Terra, Avalanche, and Solana have shown that the lead of … Read more

Here’s how ‘yielding additional 20%’ spells bullish for Ethereum, post merge

Soaring gas fees on the Ethereum network was a major highlight throughout crypto’s journey last year. This was undeniably a turn-off for many. Yet, it also underlined a growth in userbase, while also giving space to the ecosystem to expand, through the rise of several promising new layer-1 blockchain networks like Solana and Avalanche. Regardless … Read more

Polygon’s much-anticipated EIP-1559 upgrade live on Mumbai testnet

India-based Polygon network has been trending for a while now. Recently the Ethereum-powered network acquired a zero-knowledge (ZK) protocol developer, Mir, for around USD 400 million. Now, it is rolling out a testnet implementation that could possibly hike MATIC by 3X in the current cycle. Roll-out Polygon, a layer-2 scaling solution taking inspiration from Ethereum … Read more