Origin chats OUSD and stablecoin innovation at Buidl Asia

It’s been a busy month for the team, with an array of listings and new native marketplaces that were launched in August. Along with the hard work put in across Origin’s DeFi and NFT products, our Co-founder, Josh Fraser, set off to South Korea early last month to speak at ETH Seoul, a component of … Read more

Research: Ethereum gas usage by stablecoins, DeFi, NFTs, and ERC -20 contracts

Gas fees refer to the cost of conducting a transaction or executing a contract. For example, this could take the form of exchanging into a stablecoin or minting an NFT. Since the summer of 2020, Ethereum gas fees took off primarily due to the explosion of DeFi use on the chain. Although network activity has … Read more

Should Optimism [OP] holders rejoice with Ethereum’s Merge coming up

Optimism’s OP was not left behind as the rest of the market registered double-digit price upticks over the past week. In fact, according to CoinMarketCap, the price of the Layer 2 (L2) token rallied by 16% over the last seven days.  Designed as an optimistic rollup network to enhance the scalability of the Ethereum Chain, … Read more

DeFi TVL drops by 10% in August; Ethereum leads with most losses

DappRadar, in a new report, found that the overall total value locked (TVL) within the decentralized finance ecosystem (DeFi) declined by 10.47% in August. The total TVL now stood at $58.4 billion.  According to the data from DefiLlama, DeFi TVL sat at $250 billion less than eight months ago. With only $58.4 billion, total TVL … Read more

DeFi activity on Ethereum network continues to drop- Here’s why

According to data from DefiLlama, the total value locked (TVL) for all decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols housed within different chains stood at $59.18 billion. Impacted by the general decline in the cryptocurrency market, the TVL within the DeFi ecosystem has declined by 65%.   Built on the Ethereum network, MakerDAO, with a TVL of $7.94 billion, … Read more

Vitalik Buterin poll reveals community want 5-letter .eth domain name for $100

A Twitter poll by Ethereum cofounder Vitalik Buterin has revealed that around 50% of the crypto community think the fair price for a 5-letter .eth domain name for 100 years is less than $100. Source: Twitter According to responses from the community, the “under $100” price is the best because it would ensure inclusivity for … Read more

Celsius sues KeyFi, alleges Jason Stone stole over 1,000 ETH of investor funds for NFTs

Jason Stone of KeyFi filed a lawsuit against Celsius, claiming that Celsius owed KeyFi “millions of dollars,” and now Celsius returned fire by suing KeyFi and Jason Stone for the mismanagement and theft of client funds. The complaint describes KeyFi and Stone as “extraordinarily inept at the investment strategies they were undertaking.” The legal complaint … Read more

Can MATIC really leverage the hype around Ethereum for more upside?

It has been quite an interesting week for Ethereum’s community as it prepares for a major upgrade. In fact, its impact has started spilling over into Ethereum layer 2 solutions such as Polygon now. The latter’s native cryptocurrency, MATIC, concluded the week on the back of a significant upside on the charts. MATIC’s bulls noted … Read more

What these divergences mean for LDO’s waning buyers’ interest

With the Ethereum Merge just a few weeks away, happenings around the number one protocol facilitating the staking of ETH – Lido Finance – have become more interesting. Data from Santiment revealed that over the last few months, Lido’s native token, LDO, exhibited divergences in some of its on-chain metrics. In fact, according to Santiment, … Read more