Loophead Drop #4: NFT Marketplace Challenge

We have 1900 Loopheads up for grabs in this fourth Loophead NFT drop. The contest starts on September 19th 0:00:00(UTC) and finishes on November 20th 23:59:59(UTC). Drop #4 is for the NFT collectors! Users who use any of the qualifying NFT Marketplaces built on Loopring L2 to buy or sell NFTs will have a chance … Read more

The State of Enzyme’s Tokenomics

Avantgarde Finance 🦏 Aug 10 · 8 min read TLDR MLN token is a utility token that accrues value by charging protocol fees; token inflation is used to fund protocol maintenance & development. Fees began for the first time with the launch of Enzyme v4 in March 2022. All v4 vaults now pay a 25 … Read more

Loopring Quarterly Update (Q2/2022)

This is the second edition of our 2022 Loopring Quarterly Updates. You can catch up on the previous quarter here; you can also receive these updates in your inbox every quarter by subscribing here. What a quarter!💙 Q2/2022 was headlined with some major announcements of Loopring L2 integrations, with the launch of GameStop NFT as … Read more

GameStop NFT is live on Loopring L2

We’re excited to announce that GameStop NFT is here and live on Loopring L2. The game has changed, NFT creators, buyers, and sellers are no longer constrained by costly gas fees. Now anyone can trade and mint NFTs for a fraction of the cost without sacrificing on security. While most of the popular NFT marketplace’s … Read more

Enzyme User Representatives Elections Are Now Live!

Avantgarde Finance 🦏 Jul 27 · 4 min read TLDR: Starting on July 27th, 2022, eligible users will be able to nominate themselves to become Enzyme User Representatives (EUR) for the Enzyme Council Users are considered eligible if they meet the eligibility criteria listed below EURs are designed to collect, prioritise and deliver user feedback … Read more

How To Claim And Stake Your OGV For Triple-Digit APYs

The long-awaited initial distribution phase of Origin Dollar Governance (OGV) is finally here. It’s time for eligible Origin Token (OGN) holders to claim their OGV in the airdrop that puts the governance and economic rewards of our yield-bearing stablecoin, Origin Dollar (OUSD), into the hands of our community. The OGN snapshot occurred on July 06, … Read more

A secondary market for your Enzyme vault shares: the best of both worlds

Avantgarde Finance 🦏 Jun 6 · 6 min read TLDR: Our V3 only allowed for minting and redemption of vault shares, and those ERC-20 tokens were not transferable to third parties. On our V4 Sulu, vault managers can enable an alternative option for depositors who want to exit by transferring their shares instead of going … Read more

MetaMask Awards Bug Bounty for Clickjacking Vulnerability

JS_MetaMask Jun 2 · 3 min read MetaMask has granted a bounty of $120,000 to the United Global Whitehat Security Team (UGWST), including René Kroka and José Almeida, for their responsible disclosure of a critical security vulnerability. There were no known instances of this vulnerability being exploited, and the MetaMask team has already patched the … Read more

Bitcoin, Ethereum lead outflows as crypto investments see red week

👋 Want to work with us? CryptoSlate is hiring for a handful of positions! Digital asset investment products saw outflows totaling $141 million in the week of May 16 due to the bearish stance of investors towards the market, according to CoinShares’ weekly report. Bitcoin led the pack as investments in the asset saw outflows … Read more