Raiden Pulse #22: Updates From Q3 2022

Raiden Network Dec 21, 2022 · 3 min read Get a good look at what Raiden has achieved between July and September this year. TL;DR — Zooming Pass Q3 2022 EthCC 5 in Paris (July 19–21) Sponsorship: This was our 5th consecutive year sponsoring the Ethereum ecosystem’s most premier event in Europe (and possibly the … Read more

Loopring Quarterly Update (Q4/2022)

This is the fourth and final edition of our 2022 Loopring Quarterly Updates. You can catch up on the previous quarter here; you can also receive these updates in your inbox every quarter by subscribing here. While the overall crypto market has been going through a deep bear trend filled with plenty of drama, we’ve … Read more

Introducing: Community Ambassadors + Builders Initiative

Today we are introducing a new Contribute + Earn program into the Loopring L2 ecosystem. We are rolling out a new ambassador role as well as formalizing our Loopring Legend role in order to recognize and reward those who contribute to the growth of the Loopring L2 ecosystem! Last year we launched the Loopring Community … Read more

Native ETH staking with Kiln is now available on Enzyme!

Avantgarde 🦏 Dec 15 · 4 min read We are delighted to announce that Kiln’s native ETH staking is now available on Enzyme! This integration gives asset managers (with a minimum of 32 ETH) a human-readable way to access Kiln’s enterprise-grade ETH staking, to earn up to 15% APR rewards. Who is Kiln? With over … Read more

Use Link by Stripe in MEW wallet app

MyEtherWallet Dec 1 · 2 min read Bringing secure and seamless online purchases to crypto The Ethereum ecosystem offers a wealth of opportunities for decentralized finance, collectibles, earning rewards, gaming, and pretty much anything you can imagine — but it all starts with ETH in your wallet. That’s why MEW is continuously working to offer … Read more

BitPay Switches on MATIC Payments for Merchants

BitPay, the world’s largest provider of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency payment services, will begin to support Polygon’s MATIC token this week.  Users can make payments with Polygon’s native token via most popular Polygon wallets. Collectibles marketplace Panini America is among the first merchants to accept MATIC payments. Users of the BitPay app can also buy, store, … Read more

Welcome to Polygon University Beta, the Next Generation of Web3 Education

Finding trustworthy, accessible education about blockchain development can be hard for budding developers and Web3 gurus alike. There’s too much noise and hype, and too little substantive engagement with detailed insight.  That’s why we launched Polygon University Beta: to make hands-on developer education reliable and easy to approach.  The vision for Polygon University is simple. … Read more

Loopring Quarterly Update (Q3/2022)

This is the third edition of our 2022 Loopring Quarterly Updates. You can catch up on the previous quarter here; you can also receive these updates in your inbox every quarter by subscribing here. The theme of this quarter has been BUILD. No matter if the market trends are up or down, the Loopring team … Read more

Decentralizing Dual Investment on Loopring

Dual investment products are a common product offering found on many CEXs. Taking LRC/USDC as an example, such a product allows users to invest in LRC or USDC, and then to select a target settlement price and a settlement date, locking funds to complete the investment. When the settlement date arrives, the system obtains an … Read more

Loopring DAO: Phase 2

Welcome to the next phase of the Loopring DAO, a continuation of our mission to achieve a more decentralized form of governance on Loopring L2. Our aim is to put the pieces in place for the DAO to govern various on-chain protocol parameters like the distribution of protocol fees, allocation of the DAO funds and … Read more