Ethereum Gas Fees Spike to New Highs on Latest NFT Hype

There were many disgruntled Ethereum users over the weekend following a Yuga Labs nonfungible token (NFT) launch which caused gas prices to surge to new highs. Sponsored Sponsored Over the weekend, the firm behind the wildly popular Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT collection, Yuga Labs, launched a new land title collection called Otherdeed for its … Read more

Over Two Million Ethereum Burned Since EIP-1559 Implementation

Network data shows that Ethereum has burnt over 2 million ETH, worth about $5.7 billion, since the introduction of EIP-1559. The burning mechanism was introduced as a part of the London hard fork in August 2021. Sponsored Sponsored Data from Watch the Burn shows that over 2 million ETH — worth about $5.7 billion — … Read more

Over $5B in ETH Burned Since Ethereum London Hard Fork in August 2021

The much-hyped Ethereum London Hard Fork has gained ground in 2022, particularly with its EIP-1559 which has seen an increment in the number of coins burned since August 2021.   Sponsored Sponsored Ethereum Improvement Protocol (EIP) 1559 has been an essential part of the London Hard Fork since its launch on Aug. 4, 2021.  Sponsored Sponsored … Read more

Over One Million Ethereum Worth $4.3B Burnt Since London Upgrade

The burning mechanism that was introduced as a part of the Ethereum London upgrade in early August has now destroyed more than one million ETH. Sponsored Sponsored The London hard fork in early August introduced EIP-1559, a mechanism to burn a portion of the transaction fees. Since then, 1,008,431 ETH has been burnt at the … Read more

500,000 ETH Worth $1.7B Burnt Since August Network Update

More than 500,000 ETH worth around $1.7 billion at current prices has been destroyed since the Aug 5 London upgrade deployed EIP-1559. The milestone was noted by industry researcher Evan Van Ness who added “We’re on pace for nearly 3 million $ETH burned every year.” Sponsored Sponsored The Ultrasound.Money fee burning tracker is currently reporting … Read more