Introducing: Community Ambassadors + Builders Initiative

Today we are introducing a new Contribute + Earn program into the Loopring L2 ecosystem. We are rolling out a new ambassador role as well as formalizing our Loopring Legend role in order to recognize and reward those who contribute to the growth of the Loopring L2 ecosystem! Last year we launched the Loopring Community … Read more

Use Link by Stripe in MEW wallet app

MyEtherWallet Dec 1 · 2 min read Bringing secure and seamless online purchases to crypto The Ethereum ecosystem offers a wealth of opportunities for decentralized finance, collectibles, earning rewards, gaming, and pretty much anything you can imagine — but it all starts with ETH in your wallet. That’s why MEW is continuously working to offer … Read more

Introducing MyDotWallet by MEW

MyEtherWallet Nov 22 · 3 min read Until recently, one of the biggest conversations in crypto was about which chain is going to ‘rule them all’, with blockchain maxis battling it out on Twitter. Now it’s clear that the future is multichain. The great advantage of the crypto ecosystem is the innovation that’s made possible … Read more

Multi-backend Perun (with Tutorial!)

Perun Network Nov 7 · 7 min read We have been working on scalability solutions for distributed ledger systems for several years now. Our Perun state channel framework has gone a long way since then. It has been at the core of our development efforts. In this article, we want to give an update on … Read more

Use Enkrypt Web3 Wallet in Opera’s Dedicated Crypto Browser

MyEtherWallet Nov 2 · 2 min read As interaction with web3 sites is becoming more popular and even necessary for a better web experience, users who are new to the decentralized space may still find onboarding difficult and confusing. Wallet solutions need to keep up with the growth of web3 and the proliferation of networks … Read more

Raiden Community Manifesto

Raiden Network Oct 27 · 4 min read A statement of our vision and values, which will guide us as we move to community governance We envision a future in which everyday and high-volume micropayments can be made using ERC20 tokens via decentralized networks. We build technological infrastructure and a robust community that empowers others … Read more

Polygon-Axelar Partnership to Expand Interoperability of Polygon Supernets

Polygon has teamed up with Axelar network, a secure communication layer that connects Web3 ecosystems, to enhance secure cross-chain communications of Polygon Supernets. Polygon Supernets technology allows for the creation of application-specific, scalable, and customizable blockchain networks. Axelar, one of our early adopters, will allow dApp users to securely transfer assets to and from Supernets … Read more

Loopring Quarterly Update (Q3/2022)

This is the third edition of our 2022 Loopring Quarterly Updates. You can catch up on the previous quarter here; you can also receive these updates in your inbox every quarter by subscribing here. The theme of this quarter has been BUILD. No matter if the market trends are up or down, the Loopring team … Read more

Decentralizing Dual Investment on Loopring

Dual investment products are a common product offering found on many CEXs. Taking LRC/USDC as an example, such a product allows users to invest in LRC or USDC, and then to select a target settlement price and a settlement date, locking funds to complete the investment. When the settlement date arrives, the system obtains an … Read more

Loopring DAO: Phase 2

Welcome to the next phase of the Loopring DAO, a continuation of our mission to achieve a more decentralized form of governance on Loopring L2. Our aim is to put the pieces in place for the DAO to govern various on-chain protocol parameters like the distribution of protocol fees, allocation of the DAO funds and … Read more