Assets favoring long BTC still far outweigh short BTC products, but problem is…

The cryptocurrency market has witnessed a massive sell-off this week. Over $3.15 billion in the value passed in or out of exchanges, with a net bias towards inflows, which accounted for $1.60 billion (50.8%). In fact, this recorded the largest aggregate exchange-related volume peak since October last year. Like surprises? As cryptocurrencies continue to lose … Read more

Miners are migrating from Bitcoin to Ethereum to mine because…

Bitcoin and Ethereum miners, both have made a significant chuck in revenues over the years as demand skyrocketed. However, 2022 might come as a surprise especially for the largest cryptocurrency. January proved to be a tough month for Bitcoin miners. Miners generated approximately $1.2 billion in revenue during the first month of 2022. While the … Read more

New data regarding stablecoin activity says this about the market sentiment

The crypto market is facing a testing start to May. With the Feds announcement, the market has faced two major dips already with the latest being a 3.7% dip. Amidst this, there has been yet another statistic has come out that can cause a bit of worry and raise a lot of eyebrows. Stablecoins, namely … Read more

‘Use cases in things like Ethereum [ETH] haven’t really even been played’ 

Standard Chartered’s Head of Crypto Research believes Bitcoin and Ethereum will end 2022 on a high note. He remains positive that a bullish outcome is in store for the two cryptocurrencies, despite the recent blip in April. Geoffrey Kendrick, Standard Chartered’s Head of Crypto Research, is the latest to share his verdict on the future … Read more

With April seeing largest average outflows of 2022, is recovery a distant dream

Crypto Compare released their monthly report recently. The report focuses on development and adoption of various product types by analyzing AUMs, trading volume and price performance. April was a difficult month for the crypto industry with the flagship tokens largely faltering. Data up to 27 April says that BTC fell by 16.3% and ETH dropped … Read more

Report: Interest in altcoins rises as Ethereum outflows continue

The latest weekly digital assets fund flow report from Coinshares has revealed a drastic reduction in the weekly investment outflows in the crypto space.  According to the report, the weekly outflows dropped to $7.2 million, and the total outflows in the last three weeks amounted to around $219 million. Interest in Bitcoin and Ethereum investments … Read more

Bitcoin, Ethereum and finding the middle ground with maximalism

On the latest episode of the Bankless podcast, Vitalik Buterin expanded on his blog article, “In Defense of Bitcoin maximalism.” In fact, he also touched upon why he thinks maximalism is good, a counter-argument of why the concept should be ridiculed, and what lies between the two ends of the maximalism rope. Addressing the question … Read more

Ethereum: What these metrics say about the good ol’ days

This past week, indications on price charts showed that altcoins’ performances toed the same line as BTC.  Most altcoins recorded a significant decline in price. Although Ethereum recorded a day-high of $3,200 on Wednesday, the holders of Ethereum did not seem to have a good week. Especially since the altcoin was stuck within the $3,087 … Read more

Ethereum: Here’s what is behind significant spikes in ETH’s social volumes

Bitcoin‘s ongoing correction has had a repercussion on the entire cryptocurrency market. Ethereum, the largest altcoin suffered the same fate. At the time of writing, ETH suffered a fresh 4% correction as it slipped below the $3k mark- it traded at the $2,984 mark. Slowly but surely  The largest altcoin, despite the given drawdown, continued to … Read more

US investors, Ethereum dominate crypto market gains in 2021

Blockchain analytics firm, Chainalysis, has released a report on cryptocurrency Gains by country in 2021, and investors in the U.S. are topping the charts.  In a year that was far more productive than the previous, investors worldwide saw a total gain of $162.7 billion, with those in the U.S. making up about $47 billion. US … Read more