Here’s the ‘how’ and ‘why not’ of Ethereum ‘flipping’ Bitcoin in the long term

In a space as competitive and as nascent as the crypto-verse, hopes of top coins flippening one another aren’t uncommon. However, the Ethereum flipping Bitcoin narrative seems as old as time, at least in crypto terms. In fact, the narrative gathered more steam after Ethereum’s London hard fork. Of late, however, a new thesis has … Read more

The A to Z of Bitcoin’s Order Book Depth and what it means for the market

Over the past decade, the cryptocurrency industry as an asset class has come a long way. The likes of Bitcoin and Ethereum are no longer frowned upon with a sense of disapproval, despite the crypto-market being relatively new. Hence, it is imperative to evaluate the evolving maturity of the asset class. While there are multiple … Read more

Buterin specifies the big difference between Ethereum and Bitcoin

Ethereum’s co-founder, Vitalik Buterin, has long been a proponent of the cryptocurrency community, and in a recent podcast interview, the 27-year old expressed his views on not only his own network but top cryptocurrency Bitcoin and the communities of both the blockchains. Buterin, who referred to himself as a tech philosopher in the interview, shared … Read more

The how and why of Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP sharing a common bullish narrative

The collective cryptocurrency market is at a critical junction. With major altcoins stagnating on the charts, Bitcoin could have reached a local top for the time being as well. However, the total market cap value was at an interesting stage. Source: Trading View As illustrated in the chart above, the total market cap of digital … Read more

Does Ethereum react to Bitcoin the way silver does to gold

Which cryptocurrency is going to explode in 2021? What coins can one buy right now, to make it big in the near future? Which crypto is the next best thing to Bitcoin? Many interested in cashing in on the historic run we have seen over the last few months, have been asking these questions and … Read more

Is Bitcoin leading the tussle among Layer 1, Layer 2 ecosystems

Due to increased adoption, general bullish sentiment in the crypto space and DeFi, transactional activity is at its highest average levels ever. Hence, the popularity of layer 2 solutions due to cheaper, faster characteristics led to the rise of projects such as Polygon. However, irrespective of L2 solutions, L1 networks of Bitcoin, Ethereum continue to … Read more

Fund managers increase Ethereum (ETH) holdings citing ‘most compelling’ growth outlook

211-year-old investment firm buys $4.75 million of Ethereum (ETH) Chicago-based financier Rothschild Investment Corporation purchased over 265,302 shares of the Grayscale Ethereum Trust (ETHE), marking its first-ever investment into ETH, the asset powering the world’s most-used blockchain. 2 min read →


C.R.E.A.M. Just now·2 min read Today, C.R.E.A.M. Finance is excited to announce the next step in our collaboration with Yearn Finance — together we have officially launched the Iron Bank on Fantom. Additionally, C.R.E.A.M. and Yearn will work as partners to build multi-chain strategies, and will move as a unit to new chains. In November … Read more

Could Ethereum’s ‘major price tailwinds’ push it to $5,000 by end of Q4

September was a rough month for crypto-investors, particularly for those betting big on Ether since it dipped by more than 13%. Nevertheless, such a pullback wasn’t out of the ordinary. In fact, at press time, ETH had significantly recovered from its losses, with the altcoin trading at $3,387. Needless to say, such volatility has fueled … Read more

How Bitcoin can make or break Ethereum’s road to $4k and beyond

Just over 24 hours ago, Bitcoin broke above the $51k-mark and people from the crypto-community were quite elated. Ethereum, however, was oscillating around $3.4k at that time. During the initial few days of September, both cryptos recorded upticks of more or less the same magnitude. This isn’t the case anymore though. In fact, their differentials … Read more