Ethereum [ETH] has the fuel, but can it skyrocket by the end of 2022

A panel of financial experts assembled by Finder provided an updated price prediction for Ethereum. The panel suggested Ethereum to end the year on a high at around $5800. This is a major bit of news for the Ethereum community for many reasons. The Ethereum community has been in distress for many months now. This … Read more

Three reasons why Ethereum [ETH] is likely to reach $3,800 soon

Ethereum price shows an interesting development over the course of last week. Despite crashing down, ETH seems to be in a position to show positive returns this week that could push it higher to significant levels. Ethereum price recovery in progress Ethereum price crashed 23% over the last month and set a swing low around … Read more

Bitcoin, Ethereum and finding the middle ground with maximalism

On the latest episode of the Bankless podcast, Vitalik Buterin expanded on his blog article, “In Defense of Bitcoin maximalism.” In fact, he also touched upon why he thinks maximalism is good, a counter-argument of why the concept should be ridiculed, and what lies between the two ends of the maximalism rope. Addressing the question … Read more

How cryptos managed ‘value-based’ investor interest amid global FUD

Different headwinds across the globe have seriously affected digital assets directly or indirectly. These includes everything from inflation concerns, EU anti-crypto amendments to government bans. Whatever the reason be, investors want to reduce their exposure to risky assets. Want this, not that  This year, the price swings in January and February have led to investor … Read more

All about 7 in 7 for Bitcoin, Ethereum’s 13-week high, and alts’ ‘mixed fortunes’ 

Cryptocurrency prices have climbed somewhat after investors appeared to view Bitcoin as a safe haven for their money. In fact, even the Russians and Ukrainians have been seeking alternatives to their country’s financial institutions. Bitcoin is a particular favourite, with the current geopolitical events allowing Bitcoin (BTC) to transition into a store-of-value asset. Nonetheless, institutional … Read more

Ethereum: A quick recovery from these lower levels is possible because…

Ethereum, after emerging as the market’s top-performing asset over the last month, has once again tested its price levels under $4000. As Bitcoin slipped under $46k on 20 December, ETH too dropped by almost 5% and traded close to $3,817, at press time.  Over the last couple of days, however, Ethereum seemed to be recovering … Read more

Will December see Ethereum outperform Bitcoin again

The past year has proven more bullish for the top altcoin Ethereum, than for Bitcoin. Ethereum registered a rally of 535% over the year while Bitcoin recorded yearly gains of just over 60%, at press time. Furthermore, the same has also fueled Ethereum flippening Bitcoin and outperforming BTC narratives.  When the rise in the ETH/BTC … Read more

Ethereum outperforming Bitcoin means this for the rest of the market

The onset of December saw both top coins’ trajectories pick up pace, after a rather laid-back November. Bitcoin saw over 4% gains while Ethereum shot up by over 10% over the last two days taking the market by surprise. This, however, wasn’t the first time Ethereum outperformed BTC and other major alts.  Ethereum outperforms  The … Read more

Why comparing Ethereum, Bitcoin blockchain size is ‘not always particularly relevant’

Following a Twitter discussion on the differences in blockchain size of Bitcoin and Ethereum, BitMEX has released research touching upon those points. In response to the following tweet, Peter McLasso had also added that “Ethereum full archival node is 9TB when Bitcoin node is 412GB.” Therein, he might be referring to the archival node, as pointed … Read more

What’s contributing to Ethereum’s short-term price action, is it tied to Bitcoin

As Bitcoin took a dip under the $61K zone, Ethereum too couldn’t hold its ground strong for long. On the daily time frame, ETH traded at $4,177, noting an 11.54% daily price fall and 13.10% price loss on the weekly.  So, soon after Ethereum saw its highest weekly closing price of $4643 (vs USD on … Read more