Decoding the performance of Azuki’s latest NFT collection ‘BEANZ’

With NFTs becoming the most sought-after thing of late, a number of investors are turning their attention toward buying, trading, and selling NFTs. With BAYC, MAYC, Doodles, and many such popular NFTs in the market, Azuki’s latest NFT collection called BEANZ Official is set to join the ‘NFT Cool Club’. What makes BEANZ so popular? … Read more

Ethereum NFT Project, Azuki reaches sales Milestone

NFTs have become some of the most traded assets over the last few months, and Azuki, a burgeoning NFT project, recently surpassed a significant sales milestone What is Azuki NFT? Azuki is an Ethereum-based NFT project, and one of the factors that stand out the most with Azuki is its anime-inspired designs that have been … Read more