Ethereum, Waves, Axie Infinity Price Analysis: 30 March

Ethereum saw some selling pressure in the past couple of days, but this was not indicative of the end of the uptrend. Rather, it was likely only a minor pullback toward $3315 before another leg higher. Axie Infinity saw a pullback to a logical demand zone, and Waves was in up-only mode. Ethereum (ETH) Source: … Read more

Ethereum, Axie Infinity, Cosmos, Decentraland Price Analysis: 29 March

The altcoin market has performed strongly in the past week, with Ethereum gaining nearly 15%. Axie Infinity, Cosmos, and Decentraland all followed the footsteps of Bitcoin and ETH and flipped former near-term resistance areas to support. Ethereum (ETH) Source: ETH/USDT on TradingView At $3411, in orange, lies a level that marked yet another swing high … Read more

Ethereum, Fantom, Axie Infinity Price Analysis: 07 February

After hitting multimonth lows on 24 January, the bulls stepped in to stall the substantial sell-offs and reversed the near-term trajectory of most altcoins. Ether’s near-term 4-hour SMA rose above its long-term SMAs, revealing a bullish edge, but it still struggled to gather enough volumes. Also, Fantom and Axie Infinity saw an overbought RSI due … Read more

Ethereum-powered Ronin could be Axie Infinity’s next hope for gains

The rise of blockchain gaming and the Metaverse have quietly pumped not just Metaverse tokens, but the larger narrative too. In fact, the same was highlighted in a previous article as well. While the growing popularity of blockchain gaming tokens is noteworthy, Axie Infinity’s gains make other tokens’ rise look less so. However, over the … Read more

Is the latest chapter in Binance Smart Chain v. Ethereum even a contest

Two blockchains have been primarily dominating the GameFi space. And, it appears that one of them is playing to win. Will BSC’s strategy see it emerge successfully, or will Ethereum remain at the top? What is GameFi and how does it work? GameFi, simply put, is the decentralized version of the gaming world. The games … Read more