North Korean hackers behind $625 million Axie heist

The US Treasury Department has linked an Ethereum wallet to a North Korean hacking group for the theft of $625 million; here is all you need to know.  A rise in crypto-heists As the popularity and use of cryptocurrencies soar, several issues are springing up with cryptocurrency use. An example of this is the numerous … Read more

US claims North Korea’s ‘Lazarus Group’ responsible for Axie Infinity hack

The U.S. Treasury Department has claimed that the North Korean hacker group Lazarus is responsible for the $625 million hack of the Axie Infinity Ronin bridge. The agency added an Ethereum (ETH) address containing some of the stolen cryptocurrency to its sanctions list. As of April 14, the wallet held around 148,000 ETH. THREAD: Updates to … Read more

Sky Mavis raises $150 million to reimburse theft victims

Sky Mavis is the company behind Axie Infinity, and after a recent heist that saw it lose over $600 million, the company is raising funds to reimburse users Sky Mavis: An embattled Company The last few days have been some of the worse for the Sky Mavis team; a heist was targeted at this company, … Read more

Axie Infinity has been losing gamers before the Ronin Network hack

Contrary to the belief that gamers are leaving the popular play-to-earn game Axie Infinity because of the recent hack, available information shows that the platform had lost nearly half of its users even before the heist, Bloomberg News reported. Axie Infinity loses gamers In the week of March 28, CryptoSlate reported that Ronin Network, the … Read more

Axie Infinity Ronin bridge hacker moved 2000 ETH to the Tornado Cash tumbler

As reported by CryptoSlate last week, a hacker ran off with about $615 million in ether (Ethereum) and stablecoins after exploiting a multisig contract regulating funds in the Ronin-to-Ethereum bridge – Ronin being the blockchain behind Axie Infinity, the most popular play-to-earn game in the world. Now, the funds stolen by the yet undisclosed hacker … Read more

Hacker steals $625 million from the Axie Infinity gaming blockchain

In the latest blockchain-related hack, a hacker or group of hackers successfully stole about $625 million from the blockchain that powers the Axie Infinity NFT game. Axie Infinity NFT Game Since NFTs became mainstream, NFT games have been among the most significant NFT and Web3 growth drivers. More companies and industries adopt NFT technology for … Read more

Axie Infinity: The Game of Make Believe

Everybody is talking about Axie Infinity and how it is so popular among people that know at least something about cryptocurrencies and NFTs. We see news pop up here and there telling us about how millions of people are playing this game and how the younger generation in developing countries have found this game a … Read more

Axie Infinity: $4B in NFT sales may not mean what you think in the short-term

Blockchain-based games have taken the world by storm. According to a report from DappRadar, these games got around $1 billion in funding last month, clearly showcasing increasing interest in the space. Milestone unlocked  Axie Infinity, the Ethereum-based video game crafted by the Vietnamese software studio Sky Mavis, has been trending a lot of late. The … Read more

In a first, OpenSea crosses $10 billion in total volume, what next for the NFT platform

The crypto market’s largest Non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace, OpenSea achieved the milestone of more than $10 billion in volume for the first time since its inception. As per NFT data aggregator DappRadar, OpenSea incorporated around $10.35B  of transactions since launching in December 2017. Ergo, maintained a far and away in the lead compared to other … Read more

Ethereum-powered Ronin could be Axie Infinity’s next hope for gains

The rise of blockchain gaming and the Metaverse have quietly pumped not just Metaverse tokens, but the larger narrative too. In fact, the same was highlighted in a previous article as well. While the growing popularity of blockchain gaming tokens is noteworthy, Axie Infinity’s gains make other tokens’ rise look less so. However, over the … Read more