Grayscale slams the gavel; AVAX & DOT join the family, SNX & SUSHI cast out

Though crypto is said to be decentralized, Grayscale’s recognition of crypto assets certainly help define the trajectories of coin or token prices. However, more than just new product additions, asset removals are also key in understanding what institutional investors want – or don’t want. No gray area here In a press release, Grayscale Investments shared … Read more

Polkadot, Kusama to launch Wormhole bridge to Ethereum, Solana

Announced Wednesday in a blog post by Dan Reecer Chief Growth Officer at Acala and Karura, the two Polkadot protocols will integrate with Wormhole, the multi-chain bridging platform connecting blockchain networks. “As the first EVM+ integration on both Karura and Acala, this cross-chain interoperability will enable Acala and Karura users to enjoy asset integrations and … Read more

Bitcoin holds above $41,000 over the weekend, Tether shows bullish signs

As Bitcoin (BTC) wavers around $41,000, Tether is indicating big moves may be coming for crypto in general. According to data from analysts Santiment, Thursday and Saturday had the two largest days of 2022, in terms of addresses interacting on the network, with 83,000 and 74,000 addresses interacting with the network respectively. Keep an eye … Read more

Ethereum: Assessing whether other chains in DeFi might soon take its place

Chains are keen to hike their total value locked [TVL] dominance as this is a way to amp up adoption and boost their presence in the space. Ethereum is thought to be the reigning DeFi alt, but as the markets grow larger and more bridges and links are formed, what are investors choosing? Clash of … Read more

It’s 1 in 11 for Ethereum; Was last week just an anomaly

The entire cryptocurrency market witnessed a significant amount of price corrections over the past couple of weeks. Selling pressure on different crypto exchanges was estimated to aggravate by another 10-15% over the short term. Keeping all that in mind, here’s how investors reacted to such headwinds. Institutional inflows on a loop Digital asset investment products … Read more

Not so fast, are “Eth killers” as speedy as they claim?

For a few years, Ethereum reigned alone as the only realistic smart contract blockchain on the planet. Those using the blockchain or developing applications for it, had little choice but to accept the technical properties and characteristics of the Ethereum system. But at least Ethereum was a technical leap forward from Bitcoin, and considerably faster, … Read more

Bank of America calls Solana “Visa of the digital asset ecosystem”

A leading financial institution, the Bank of America, has predicted that Solana could become the “Visa of the digital asset ecosystem,” which would enable it to steal more of the market share of Ethereum’s blockchain. Solana would eat into Ethereum’s market share According to Alkesh Shah, an analyst at the Bank of America, Solana’s simplicity, … Read more

Here is why Ethereum’s dominance in DeFi is falling

Ethereum is undoubtedly the leading blockchain in DeFi, but this could be about to change as analysts at JPMorgan have noted that the dominance of the asset in the space could already be fading. According to the analysts, the rise of smart contract-enabled protocols like Terra, Avalanche, and Solana have shown that the lead of … Read more

Analyzing how Solana can possibly give ETH and BTC a run for their money

Ethereum (ETH) is second only to Bitcoin (BTC) by market cap, and its smart chain technology was a game-changer. Now, with the fast pace in the industry and some of the ETH-related complications such as scalability, fees etc, new contenders are challenging ETH for its throne. The interviewee here even considers one of them to … Read more

‘Ethereum Killers’ – Are they still worth talking about

Bitcoin and Ethereum are never compared when functionality is taken into consideration. The sole difference comes down to Ethereum’s smart contracts feature. However, every other project which has smart contracts, one time or the other, has been deemed an Ethereum killer. The trend began back in 2018 during the ICO boom when EOS was considered … Read more