India’s Largest Asset Financing Company, Shriram Transport Finance Company Limited Uses Print2Block’s Platform Which Is Publicly Audited On Polygon!

23rd September – Shriram Transport Finance Company Limited,  India’s largest asset financing company, has launched India’s first Blockchain assured Digital Fixed Deposit Certificates to provide 100% cryptographic security and authenticity on blockchain built on platform from Print2block. Polygon provides the scalable Public Trust audibility for the Platform. Shriram’s customers will be able to … Read more

Cobo Custody is Coming to Polygon!

10th September – We are thrilled to announce that Cobo, a leading producer of software and hardware blockchain products, has adopted Polygon PoS. This integration is set to help Cobo’s users to utilize top DeFi bluechip Decentralized Applications, including Sushiswap, Curve, Aave, Balancer, at a low cost. Both Cobo Wallet and Cobo Custody have already … Read more