Enzyme: Welcome to the Future of Asset Management

Avantgarde Finance 馃 Mar 17 路 6 min read Since Enzyme launched in early 2021, we have seen 1,000+ vaults created, more than 2,500 deposits and assets-under-management (AUM) growth from $0 to $188M. It鈥檚 been a remarkable year for the Enzyme protocol. Our community continues to grow while our team delivers on one of the … Read more

What鈥檚 Stopping DeFi From Mass Adoption?

Avantgarde Finance 馃 路 Follow Mar 2 路 5 min read Mona El Isa, Founder & CEO at Avantgarde Finance For many, 2020 was the year of DeFi. For others, 2021 saw a heightened DeFi awareness among the general public. However, for all the growth seen so far, it is interesting to note that only … Read more

Enzyme鈥檚 Sulu is live!

Avantgarde Finance 馃 路 Follow Feb 14 路 7 min read TLDR: Enzyme鈥檚 Sulu is now live on Ethereum! Users can begin the upgrade process You鈥檒l find that the interface has had a complete revamp App performance should be much quicker & smoother A Sulu mainnet release will follow on Polygon in the weeks to … Read more

The 鈥淒eFi Fund鈥 Charade

Mona El Isa Jul 29 路 7 min read Owning DeFi Tokens as part of your Centralised Crypto Fund does not make you a 鈥淒eFi Fund鈥. Over the last few weeks and months I鈥檝e caught myself rolling my eyes whenever I hear of a new DeFi Fund launch. It鈥檚 always the same. Someone makes a … Read more

Set is now live on Polygon!

13th July 鈥 We are excited to announce that Set, an asset management protocol, is now live on Polygon! By launching on Polygon, Set intends to break the entry barrier for users to use decentralized asset management tools at minimal costs. Polygon鈥檚 full-stack Ethereum scaling solution will enable users to make gas-free and faster transactions … Read more

AdEx Network and Enzyme Finance Form a Strategic Partnership Bridging Advertising and DeFi

Marina De Mattos Jun 17 路 3 min read June 17, 2021 鈥 AdEx Network is teaming up with Enzyme Finance to bring advertising to decentralized finance. AdEx Network and Enzyme Finance have entered into a strategic partnership aiming to bridge the advertising and DeFi industries. The two companies will collaborate in a number of … Read more