Magic Eden eyes growth in web3 gaming following launch of Magic Eden Games

Ad The cross-chain NFT marketplace Magic Eden has launched its long-anticipated gaming hub, Magic Eden Games, following an announcement on March 22. Magic Eden Games is on a mission to assist gamers in uncovering the finest web3 gaming experiences. Every game on their platform is given a dedicated “explore game” page, which includes a detailed … Read more

Arbitrum network activity booms ahead of airdrop

Ad Network activity on Arbitrum has been booming, with the popular Ethereum layer-2 solution seeing an unprecedented uptick in the number of transactions and addresses. According to data from Arbiscan, the network processed over 1.3 million transactions on March 21 — up from 1 million transactions recorded on March 20. The sharp increase in the … Read more

Op-ed: The unspoken Ethereum revolution: Are EOAs becoming obsolete?

Ad Under the radar, one of the most significant changes to the Ethereum ecosystem has been announced with little to no community reaction. Account abstraction is a core advancement in web3 account management, but the current roadmap brings a new goal — to remove Externally Owned Accounts (EOAs) entirely from the Ethereum ecosystem. The term … Read more

Microsoft Edge is testing a built-in crypto wallet

Microsoft is quietly testing a built-in crypto wallet for its Edge browser, as reported by software preservationist Albacore in a March 13 tweet. Edge wallet is still in testing Microsoft has not officially announced the wallet project, and the wallet’s introductory pages do not indicate which cryptocurrencies are supported. However, those pages mention a “foray into … Read more

Does an interchain future mean dApps developers have the responsibility to unify?

Ad On the first day of the city-wide crypto event that was EthDenver, Steven Fluin, Head of Developer Relations at Axelar, put the onus of developers to build a more connected web3 by stating that “dApps developers have the responsibility to unify.” Talking at the InterOp Summit, Fluin began by asking the audience to join … Read more

Warner Bros backs Ethereum ecosystem as it migrates Blocklete Golf to ImmutableX

Ad Immutable continues its partnership with Warner Bros with the launch of the web3 mobile game Blocklete Golf from Discovery Sports on Immutable X. Warner Bros web3 adoption Last month, Warner Bros added a web3 quiz game to create the Bleacher Report Watch-to-Earn (B/R W2E game.) In addition, Warner is furthering its partnership with Immutable … Read more

ETH Core Developers to update Shanghai testnet as EIP-4844 comes closer

During the recent All Core Developers Execution (ACDE) call on Feb.2, chaired by Tim Beiko of the Ethereum Foundation, contributors discussed the timeline for the public testnet launch of the Shaingahi upgrade, which will bring with it the ability to unstake ETH from the Beacon chain. Zhejiang Testnet Launch The first iteration of the Shanghai … Read more

60% of investors believe ETH has better growth potential than BTC – CoinShares survey reveals

Around 60% of investors believe that Ethereum (ETH) has a more compelling growth outlook, according to a survey by CoinShares. As opposed to the 60% siding with ETH, only 30% of the respondents said Bitcoin (BTC) had the most compelling growth outlook, according to the CoinShares survey. The survey included 43 investors who managed a total … Read more