Circle CEO says ‘aggressive regulatory actions’ on crypto caused ‘deep market anxiety’

Ad Circle CEO Jeremy Allaire has warned about the risks facing the crypto market due to exposure to the U.S. Dollar and the regulatory risk in the U.S. financial system. In a March 23 Twitter thread, Allaire said there “seems to be a large-scale risk-off from USD that is exposed to US banks and US … Read more

CryptoSlate Daily wMarket Update: Litecoin shines as wider crypto market stutters

Ad The cryptocurrency market cap saw net outflows of $16.95 billion over the last 24 hours and currently stands at $1.16 trillion – down 1.4% from $1.18 trillion. During the reporting period, the market caps of Bitcoin and Ethereum decreased by 1.9% and 1.9% to $534.7 billion and $214.8 billion, respectively. The top 10 cryptocurrencies … Read more

Magic Eden eyes growth in web3 gaming following launch of Magic Eden Games

Ad The cross-chain NFT marketplace Magic Eden has launched its long-anticipated gaming hub, Magic Eden Games, following an announcement on March 22. Magic Eden Games is on a mission to assist gamers in uncovering the finest web3 gaming experiences. Every game on their platform is given a dedicated “explore game” page, which includes a detailed … Read more

Arbitrum network activity booms ahead of airdrop

Ad Network activity on Arbitrum has been booming, with the popular Ethereum layer-2 solution seeing an unprecedented uptick in the number of transactions and addresses. According to data from Arbiscan, the network processed over 1.3 million transactions on March 21 — up from 1 million transactions recorded on March 20. The sharp increase in the … Read more

Will Ethereum [ETH] follow Bitcoin’s [BTC] lead as the market rallies?

Analyst suggested that Ethereum could soon follow Bitcoin’s rally. NFT trades and lowering gas fees may impact network activity in the long run. Bitcoin [BTC] has been seeing quite a rally over the last few days, inspiring a lot of positive speculation around the king coin. However, it appears that Ethereum [ETH] will also soon be … Read more

Op-ed: The unspoken Ethereum revolution: Are EOAs becoming obsolete?

Ad Under the radar, one of the most significant changes to the Ethereum ecosystem has been announced with little to no community reaction. Account abstraction is a core advancement in web3 account management, but the current roadmap brings a new goal — to remove Externally Owned Accounts (EOAs) entirely from the Ethereum ecosystem. The term … Read more

Taiko Testnet is now Live on Loopring Smart Wallet

We are excited to announce that we are rolling out Multi-network support within Loopring Smart Wallet — starting with Taiko’s brand new alpha 2 testnet! Interact with the Taiko testnet from the comfort of your mobile phone — complete tasks + get rewarded with participation NFTs. With the recent announcement from Taiko about their new … Read more

Web3 Gaming Innovation with XLA

XLA is coming to zkSync Era At Matter Labs, our long-term vision is to effect positive change at a global scale by enabling self-sovereignty for all. zkSync Era was built to make this dream a reality, by scaling the values of Ethereum and making the power of web3 more scalable and accessible to developers and … Read more

The Future of Blockchain Gaming with WEMADE

WEMADE is coming to zkSync Era At Matter Labs, we have a long-term vision for how our protocol can drive tangible positive change; by making self-sovereign participation in the digital economy easier for more people and increasing personal freedom globally. zkSync Era was built to fulfill this dream; by making Ethereum both scalable and accessible, … Read more

Bullish Sentiment Returns After Ethereum (ETH) Price Breaks out From 490-Day Resistance Line

The Ethereum (ETH) price broke out from a long-term descending resistance line that had been in place since the all-time high. ETH is the native token of the Ethereum blockchain, created by Vitalik Buterin. After Bitcoin (BTC), it is the largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization. The ETH price has increased rapidly since March 10 (green … Read more