Scalability issues no more? First EVM compatible ZK Rollup live on ETH’s public testnet

Ethereum‘s scalability issues have created a whirlwind of problems for the cryptocurrency industry, however, it has also fostered a ground for innovative ideas to overcome the same. Many layer 2 solutions have emerged in the recent past in order to combat the congestion on Ethereum, including zero-knowledge rollups. An enhancement for this has now been … Read more

Matter Labs and BitDAO launch a $200 million DAO to bootstrap zkSync development

Matter Labs, the organization behind Ethereum scaling protocol zkSync, announced today that it has launched a $200 million DAO to help accelerate the growth of the zkSync ecosystem. The initiative is made possible through its partnership with BitDAO, one of the largest DAO treasuries in the DeFi market. The proposal for BitDAO to create and … Read more

Into the Unknown

Detailed Technical Insights into the Challenges of Building zkSync 2.0 astarinmymind Aug 30 · 6 min read In this post, we will be sharing the R&D process of attempting not one, but two, things that have never been done before, how the redesign of zkSync 2.0 is more efficient and compatible, and the challenges of … Read more

zkSync 2.0 Developer Update

As hot zkSync summer comes to an end, how far are we from the finish line? astarinmymind Aug 30 · 5 min read On March 27, 2021, we announced our plans for zkSync 1.x and 2.0. We successfully deployed the zkSync 1.x upgrade to mainnet, but did not manage to meet our projections for zkSync … Read more