Vitalik Buterin calls out ETHW hard fork proponents as “trying to make a quick buck”

Speaking in a closed press conference during South Korea Blockchain Week, Ethereum founder, Vitalik Buterin, called people pushing for a hard fork of Ethereum to retain proof-of-stake “simply trying to make a quick buck.” Justin Sun recently announced support for a hard fork of Ethereum post-merge by listing two new tokens on his Poloniex exchange. … Read more

Introducing Enkrypt, the Browser Extension Wallet by MEW

MyEtherWallet Aug 3 · 3 min read Welcome to the Multichain Future After the Ethereum network officially launched in the summer of 2015, MyEtherWallet’s first website went live just a couple of weeks later. The simple yet effective interface helped the first Ethereum users — both technically advanced developers and inexperienced enthusiasts — generate wallets … Read more

Vitalik Buterin considers Ethereum development only ‘55% complete’ after The Merge

Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin sees Ethereum’s history moving off-chain to reduce the protocol’s complexity. Speaking on the main stage of EthCC on July 21 about the long-term future of Ethereum, Vitalik stated that Ethereum is going through a transitional state and its development is only “40% complete.” There are five stages ahead for the evolution … Read more

Polygon Partners With Kaleido to Bring the Power of Custom Blockchains to Enterprises

Polygon is partnering with enterprise-grade Web3 infrastructure platform Kaleido to give businesses the power to build custom blockchains tailored to their needs. Kaleido will leverage Polygon Edge, a modular framework for bootstrapping Ethereum-compatible networks, to meet surging demand from enterprises looking to launch services in Web3. Polygon Edge is available on Kaleido starting July 21. … Read more

Ethereum’s centralized dApps may overshadow the decentralization of proof-of-stake

A lively debate on Reddit Friday resurfaced the discussion of whether the computing infrastructure built on top of Ethereum is too centralized. According to on-chain data, approximately 32% of all Ethereum nodes operate on Amazon AWS servers. However, Amazon claims the number to be closer to 25%. Morgan Creek co-founder Anthony Pompliano increased awareness of … Read more

Say Hi to Polygon Fellowship Class of 2022

The first class of our Polygon Fellowship, powered by Devfolio, was launched in June-July 2022 and is the embodiment of #WAGMIonPolygon ethos. We’re pushing collaborative learning alongside individual vision.  Over the next eight weeks, 50 fellows will learn to build on Polygon, find a community of builders, and pursue the project of their dreams. We … Read more

Polygon Partners With Tech Company Nothing to Enable Web3 Functionality 

British consumer tech start-up Nothing is officially integrating Polygon into its ecosystem of products to unlock Web3 access. The Polygon-Nothing partnership is marked by the launch of Nothing’s non-fungible token (NFT) loyalty program.  Specifically designed for the Nothing community, the NFT loyalty program — built on Polygon — will allow members access to exclusive community … Read more

MetaMask Security Monthly: June 2022

Luker Jen Jun 29 · 6 min read Get ready for this month’s jam-packed issue, where you’ll find details about our continued progress from the Lab, a not-too-shabby MTTR, our HackerOne bounty program, and more! Make sure you see our deprecation announcement. Security Laboratory Endo Support for “where are my source files” use cases complete! … Read more

MetaMask API Method Deprecation

Luker Jen Jun 27 · 1 min read June 2022 MetaMask is deprecating two methods available in its API: eth_decrypt and eth_getEncryptionPublicKey. The methods will still exist in the API, and continue to function as they do currently: however, MetaMask no longer recommends they be used. These methods are being deprecated because they are not … Read more

DApp Browser on MEW wallet iOS: Connect to Web3 Sites From Your iPhone

MyEtherWallet Jun 1 · 4 min read Have you ever created an Ethereum wallet, put some ETH on it, and thought ‘well, now what?’ You’re not alone. According to all the forums, chat groups, and even mainstream media, there’s so much to do with crypto — on Ethereum especially — but where is it and … Read more