Polygon Avail’s Ability to Scale: The Way Forward

The Polygon Avail Testnet is now live. As users begin incorporating Avail into their chain designs, a question that often comes up is, “How many transactions can Avail process?” This is the final piece in a three-part series of articles that will address Polygon Avail’s current performance, as well as its ability to scale in … Read more

India Takes Center Stage in Polygon’s Web3: Made in India Tour

Polygon believes that India will be the epicenter of building and adoption of new blockchain technologies, and we want to help. Introducing Polygon’s Web3: Made in India Tour, a rolling celebration of blockchain builders, culminating at the biggest Web3 festivity of all: ETHIndia! With seven Polygon Guild events and the first-ever Polygon Connect: India, we’re … Read more

Polygon Is Coming to Lisbon for Builders Jam & More 

Olá, Lisboa!  Polygon is touching down at the crypto capital of Europe for a fun week of hackathons, workshops and enriching experiences as part of Lisbon Blockchain Week 2022. We have prepared two amazing events — Polygon Builders House and Polygon Builders Jam — and other workshops to help the future builders of Web3 meet … Read more

Welcome to Polygon University Beta, the Next Generation of Web3 Education

Finding trustworthy, accessible education about blockchain development can be hard for budding developers and Web3 gurus alike. There’s too much noise and hype, and too little substantive engagement with detailed insight.  That’s why we launched Polygon University Beta: to make hands-on developer education reliable and easy to approach.  The vision for Polygon University is simple. … Read more

The Anatomy of a Hackathon Winner: Polydocs Takes on Smart Contract Rights

Builders on Polygon know the team is deeply engaged with the broader developer community. By hosting dozens of events, hackathons, and workshops every month, we come across many excellent projects–a lot of which are at the very beginning of their Web3 journey.  In this series, we want to pick apart projects that stand out, and … Read more

Polygon Crosses 53,000 DApps Mark in a Major Adoption Milestone

Polygon was home to more than 53,000 decentralized applications (dApps) at the end of September, according to latest figures from Alchemy, the world’s leading Web3 development platform.  That’s an increase of over 60% since June and almost an eightfold jump from the start of the year. The dApps figure is the cumulative number of applications … Read more

From UDC 2022 to Token 2049: A Week for the Devs in APAC

For Web3 developers in Asia, this week was absolutely packed with must-see events. Polygon was there, showing love for the devs in South Korea and Singapore. Here is a rundown of our devrel outreach. Upbit Developers Conference 2022 Some of the best known blockchain developers in Korea and beyond gathered at this year’s Upbit Developer … Read more

Polygon-Powered Icetea Labs Accelerator Launches With 6 Startups

Polygon has teamed up with Alpha Venture DAO and Icetea Labs to launch the inaugural Icetea Labs Accelerator Program for blockchain startups.  Working in a tight three-way partnership, Polygon is co-creating an accelerator to funnel resources, mentorship, education, and business acumen to promising Web3 companies from around the world. The startups selected for the accelerator … Read more

TagSpace Taps Polygon to Bring Mixed Reality to Web3

TagSpace, a metaverse platform that delivers real world, mixed reality experiences for festivals, large events, and city exploration, has chosen Polygon as its entrypoint to Web3. TagSpace aims to tap the power of blockchain technology to let users create, share, and monetize their own experiences. With Polygon’s environmentally-friendly chain, tagSpace users can do so while … Read more

Polygon Monthly Rollup for Builders: August Recap 

Labor Day weekend brought a chance to reflect on all the labors of love Polygon’s Developer Relations team worked on this past August.  The team wanted to take a moment to provide a roll-up of the most important advancements and events in our continued effort to build collectively, support and expand the community in Web3, … Read more