Loopring AMA: Q3 2022

In the third quarter of 2022, we hosted an AMA on Reddit to let the community get deeper access into some of the minds at the Loopring Foundation. The following is a summary of some of the questions and answers from this AMA, along with an additional updated message from Loopring Foundation’s CEO, Steve Guo. … Read more

Web3 Cybersecurity Auditing With Hacken

Zero security compromises on zkSync zkSync is on a mission to scale Ethereum’s values and security through zkEVM technology. With 51 days to zkSync 2.0’s mainnet release, we’re closer than ever to achieving that mission. zkSync embodies the ethos of Ethereum, including its zero-compromise approach to security. Funds placed in zkSync 2.0 accounts will inherit … Read more

Bifrost, Coinbase Cloud collaborate to offer cross-chain liquid staking on Kusama

Cross-chain liquidity provider Bitfrost has collaborated with Coinbase Cloud to offer its liquid staking service on the Kusama network, according to a Sept.6 announcement. Bifrost was built using the cross-consensus messaging (XCM) system which allows for easier transfer of liquidity for assets staked across the Polkadot ecosystem. The collaboration will see Bifrost leverage Coinbase Cloud‘s … Read more

Project Registration Is Now Open for zkSync 2.0 Mainnet Alpha

All ecosystem projects are welcome to register, reflecting our commitment to a fair launch Project registration is now open in preparation for zkSync 2.0’s mainnet deployment. Our engineering team has been heads down building the world’s first — and most Ethereum-aligned — zkEVM and we’re thrilled to take the first major step toward welcoming projects … Read more

The Ethereum Merge: How It Affects zkSync

As the most Ethereum-aligned L2, zkSync will evolve with the Ethereum ecosystem Ethereum’s consensus layer will transition from Proof of Work (PoW) to Proof of Stake (PoS) around September 15, 2022. How does it affect zkSync v1? Approximately one hour before the Merge, we’ll suspend activity on zkSync v1. Once the Merge is complete, we’ll … Read more

New Canvas to Launch Lustration NFT and Social Token on Polygon

We are delighted to announce that the XR media company New Canvas has chosen Polygon as its platform to launch an upcoming NFT and Social token drop for its Lustration project, an award-winning animated VR series that takes place in the fictional afterworld, ‘The Between.’ The fantasy noir story of Lustration is an adaptation of … Read more

zkSync 2.0 Update: Dynamic Fees Milestone Completed

Includes a new fee model, account abstraction support for paymasters, EIP-1559 support, and more Less than a month after our public roadmap release, we’ve completed another important milestone on our march to mainnet. The Dynamic Fees Milestone includes a new fee model, an update to add paymaster support to account abstraction, and EIP-1559 support. It … Read more

We Are Not a Company

On Matter Labs & the Art of Subtraction By Steve Newcomb Matter Labs is a company with a uniquely defined aim: that is, to become less important over time. As zkSync evolves, Matter Labs will deliberately ‘subtract’ into a broader ecosystem of network participants. These participants will be organized, not by a company, but by … Read more