Nubank Taps Polygon Supernets for Nucoin Token Launch & Loyalty Program

Nubank, a fintech founded in 2013 with a mission of expanding access to financial services, is partnering with Polygon to launch its cryptocurrency token and leverage the democratizing power of Web3. Nucoin will be powered by Polygon Supernets technology, which allows for the creation of application-specific, scalable, and customizable blockchain networks. Nubank plans to airdrop … Read more

An Update on Distribution of Staking Token Rewards

In 2019, as part of the Matic Network (now, Polygon) token distribution, 12% of the MATIC token’s total supply was allocated for staking rewards to be released over a five-year period. Now that two years have passed, a report is being shared on the progress seen in the Polygon PoS network so far and an … Read more

Mint an NFT, Plant a Tree With Coorest’s NFTrees

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have gotten an undeserved reputation for being bad for the environment. One project flips that narrative and shows that NFTs can be sustainable by combining NFT minting with planting trees. NFTrees is a project by Coorest, a decentralized ecosystem for realworld linked NFTs and carbon emission compensation, which creates tokens linked to … Read more

How To Claim And Stake Your OGV For Triple-Digit APYs

The long-awaited initial distribution phase of Origin Dollar Governance (OGV) is finally here. It’s time for eligible Origin Token (OGN) holders to claim their OGV in the airdrop that puts the governance and economic rewards of our yield-bearing stablecoin, Origin Dollar (OUSD), into the hands of our community. The OGN snapshot occurred on July 06, … Read more

Exchanges Supporting Origin’s Upcoming OGV Launch

We are quickly approaching one of the critical deadlines for OUSD’s future — the launch of Origin Dollar Governance (OGV) token. As previously announced, the OGV airdrop will take place on July 12th and will be claimable on a 1:1 basis by all OGN holders. Past and present OUSD holders and OUSD liquidity providers will … Read more

Incentive-Driven Community Dex, Dystopia, Brings ve(3,3) to Polygon’s DeFi Ecosystem

Dystopia, a decentralized exchange (DEX) designed to offer improved emissions and incentive mechanisms, is launching on Polygon. The platform is the first DEX on Polygon to use the ve(3,3) model and provides users with a seamless swap experience for both closely correlated and non-correlated asset pairs at a nominal 0.05% trading fee. The platform enables … Read more

Kronos DAO Is Coming to Polygon to Bring DeFi 2.0 to the Masses 

With over 1.7 million governance token holders and an aggregate of $10.5 billion in total treasury holdings, 2022 is quickly becoming the year of the DAO. Among those leading the charge is Kronos DAO, the Klaytn network’s first and largest DeFi 2.0 protocol. Now, Kronos is coming to Polygon. Kronos DAO is the first decentralized … Read more

These 5 Web3 Trends Are Reshaping the Business of Real Estate

Real estate is often seen as stodgy and resistant to change, but even in this slow-moving industry blockchain technology has been making inroads. Here are examples of Web3 applications that are transforming the business of owning, selling and managing physical property. Properties as Tokens Decentralized finance (DeFi) services are not your grandpa’s bank. They run … Read more

Why DAOs Will Change Social Media as We Know It

The Web2 era is in many ways the age of social media. The coupling of social graph and the advertising business model created a powerful engine for economic value generation that has also come with many unfortunate side effects. Now Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) are offering a new approach to social organization online that will … Read more

PayBolt Makes Polygon-Based Tokens Accessible to Merchants

PayBolt, a web3 multi-chain payment gateway, is deploying on Polygon to allow merchants to accept Polygon-based tokens, including $MATIC, $USDT, $UDSC, $DAI, and $QUICK.  PayBolt is building a future where crypto is the preferred payment of choice that powers commerce. Its crypto-to-fiat payment system already supports over 150 fiat currencies and the team is working … Read more