Ethereum: What could go right if ETH truly decouples from Bitcoin [BTC]

The king of altcoins has shared a close correlation with Bitcoin since forever. Needless to say, every move made by the king coin has had some impact on Ethereum. That dynamic is beginning to change, however, and this might bear a good result for the second-generation cryptocurrency and its investors. Ethereum rises beyond Bitcoin Over … Read more

How ‘totally fine’ ETC is coping with the effect of Ethereum’s Merge

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Ethereum: Reasons why ETH is highest gainer among top ten coins

The Federal Reserve has hiked interest rates by another 75 basis points. The rate hike comes after the Consumer Price Index revealed that inflation had hit a fresh 40-year high of 9.1% in June. Now, the crypto market reacted in a positive manner with Ethereum [ETH] leading the charge. However, as per a famed news … Read more

Deciphering why Ethereum is institutional investors’ least preferred asset

The month of July is coming to an end. Traders and long-term investors were hopeful of a strong recovery. But that didn’t materialize. Consequently, Ethereum couldn’t sustain its short-term gain. By looking at the market condition, it is probable that things may not get better for the king alt until the fourth quarter begins. Ethereum? … Read more

Pre Merge track: ETH’s grim on-chain metrics ft. a surprising uptick

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What of Ethereum traders now after ETH lost $1,620 level

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ETH derivative traders take neutral stance amid recovery- Here’s why

The cryptocurrency market experienced a small recovery phase as it crossed the $1.03 trillion market cap. Two of the leading cryptos, Bitcoin [BTC] and Ethereum [ETH] witnessed a surge in their respective price action over the last seven days. But, it looks like the latter showed more focus and determination towards its recovery. Rising from … Read more

Ethereum: The yin-yang of Merge and ETH’s negative price action

Ethereum [ETH], the largest altcoin, remained in a bearish zone as it stood below the $1,150 support zone, at press time. It suffered a fresh 2% correction as it traded closer to the $1,000 mark at the time of writing. ETH’s prices have been trading within a range for quite some time now. But are … Read more

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Ethererum‘s much-anticipated “Merge” seem to be closer than ever. DeFi investors are hoping that Ethereum’s ‘Merge’ will pull the crypto market out of its current bear market. All roads lead to ‘YOU’ The second-largest cryptocurrency has significantly suffered in 2022. Data from DeFiLlama shows, that the total value of assets locked in the space has … Read more

With Ethereum [ETH] entering hibernation, here’s all investors need to look out for

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