NYAG lists Ethereum (ETH) as security in lawsuit against Kucoin

Ethereum (ETH) has been branded as a security by the NYAG alongside two other coins The New York AG wants to stop Kucoin’s operations in the region via the lawsuit The New York Attorney General Letitia James has sued the crypto exchange – Kucoin. The AG claims that Kucoin violated the Martin Act in three … Read more

Terra [LUNA]: Nansen’s report reveals new information on UST’s depegging fiasco

Latest report stated that the Terra crash earlier in May was not caused by a single hostile party. Rather a total of seven wallets were flagged by Nansen researchers as they studied on-chain data from Terra to Ethereum. The report also concluded that the UST de-pegging was not carried out by hackers or attackers.  The … Read more

Bitcoin dips below $43k – UST backing not enough as Fed turns hawkish

The market price of bitcoin stayed pretty much flat for most of the first week in April. But as the U.S. Federal Reserve signaled higher and faster interest rate hikes, and quantitative tightening of its $9 trillion balance sheet, the general market took a turn downwards, and bitcoin (BTC) went down with it as the … Read more

Bitcoin holds above $41,000 over the weekend, Tether shows bullish signs

As Bitcoin (BTC) wavers around $41,000, Tether is indicating big moves may be coming for crypto in general. According to data from analysts Santiment, Thursday and Saturday had the two largest days of 2022, in terms of addresses interacting on the network, with 83,000 and 74,000 addresses interacting with the network respectively. Keep an eye … Read more

Solana and Terra’s trading volume soared last year, as bitcoin and ether dropped

This year has not been favorable to the price actions of neither bitcoin (BTC) nor ether (ETH), the two major cryptocurrencies by market cap. Bitcoin started out this year trading at $47,370 but has since then fallen to $38,945 at press time. Looking at ether, the story is the same, or even worse as the … Read more

Ethereum: Assessing whether other chains in DeFi might soon take its place

Chains are keen to hike their total value locked [TVL] dominance as this is a way to amp up adoption and boost their presence in the space. Ethereum is thought to be the reigning DeFi alt, but as the markets grow larger and more bridges and links are formed, what are investors choosing? Clash of … Read more

Bitcoin’s slides back at $38k, but funds keep moving out of exchanges

As the war in Ukraine moves into its third week, if there still is a demand for bitcoin (BTC) and other cryptocurrencies in the Russian and Ukrainian markets, to try to escape sanctions or as an escape route for people to safeguard their funds, this does not seem to have reflections on market prices of … Read more

Bitcoin’s hits $41k as Russia’s as war in Ukraine continues

As the war in Ukraine continues, Bitcoin and the rest of the crypto market, including Ethereum, has been highly correlated to the traditional market. With the S&P 500 and Nasdaq opening cautiously upwards, bitcoin has once again spiked and is trading above $41,000. The correlation to traditional markets seems broken, at least for the moment. … Read more

LUNA rallies, Bitcoin jumps above $39k as war in Ukraine continues

Some days make it difficult to find joy, even as crypto markets are rallying. Nevertheless, the losses made since the outbreak of the tragic war between Russia and Ukraine have largely recovered and markets are generally in the green on the daily. As many times before, bitcoin leads the way by the share weight of … Read more

Bank of America calls Solana “Visa of the digital asset ecosystem”

A leading financial institution, the Bank of America, has predicted that Solana could become the “Visa of the digital asset ecosystem,” which would enable it to steal more of the market share of Ethereum’s blockchain. Solana would eat into Ethereum’s market share According to Alkesh Shah, an analyst at the Bank of America, Solana’s simplicity, … Read more